Augustana students Darrick Jackson, Mackenzie Moriarty studying abroad, conducting research

Augustana College students with local ties are participating in extra learning opportunities.

  • Darrick Jackson from Salem, a senior majoring in geology, took advantage of an opportunity to study abroad in East Asia.
  • Mackenzie Moriarty from Trevor, a senior majoring in neuroscience, took advantage of an opportunity to conduct research in psychology .

“These experiences broaden the horizons of our students. As they prepare to graduate, opportunities like these make Augustana students even more attractive candidates for graduate school and career opportunities,” explains W. Kent Barnds, executive vice president of Augustana College, in Rock Island, Ill.

Founded in 1860, Augustana College is a selective four-year residential college of the liberal arts and sciences. The college is recognized for the innovative program Augie Choice, which provides each student up to $2,000 to pursue a high-impact learning experience such as study abroad, an internship or research with a professor. The college enrolls 2,500 students and is located along one of the world’s most important waterways, the Mississippi River, in a community that reflects the diversity of the United States.


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