John Gendron named new administrator for Randall School District

John Gendron, the Riverview School District administrator, has been named the new district administrator for the Randall School District, according to a letter distributed to Randall staff by current Randall administrator Steve Bloom.

Gendron will start at Randall effective July 1.

Bloom’s resigned his position  in January. He will continue to serve as district administrator until June 30. He had been the Randall district administrator since 2004.

In his letter to the Randall staff, Bloom wrote:

You will find Mr. Gendron to be a person of high ethical and moral character, an advocate for doing what is best for children, and a leader that will listen to concerns and issues and make every effort to reach a resolution that meets with the largest amount of support and consensus. In short, Mr. Gendron is exactly what our school needs in moving forward … Had the decision been mine alone to make to locate my successor I would not have chosen anyone other than Mr. Gendron for this position. It is my hope that you will welcome John to our “Randall Family” and that you will provide him every opportunity to succeed in his efforts to move Randall Consolidated School forward.

Gendron started at Riverview in July of 2010.



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  1. wasting taxpayers dollars.... says:

    Until the schools in this area get smart and realize it’s irresponsible to have a District Administrator, Principal, and business manager at each school,,,,we will continue to see the parade of over paid-under “district administrators” come and go.

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