Gateway Technical College Dean’s List Fall 2013

The following individuals have earned the honor of being included on Gateway Technical College Dean’s List for the Fall 2013 semester. This award is reserved for those students who completed at least 6 hours of postsecondary course work – not including development/remedial credits – and achieved a grade point average of 3.75 or higher. Dean’s list calculations are based on courses that have finished (been graded) by the end of the traditional semester. This distinction recognizes the determination, dedication and effort necessary to attain this level of academic success.

All hometowns are from Wisconsin unless otherwise listed.

Brighton – Catherine Edwards.

Bristol — Daniel,Andrews, Zachary Keller, William Mallmann, Shannon McAvoy, Erika McCullough, Sarah Norton, Renee Rederer, Courtney Wollert.

Camp Lake — Troy Slager.

Paddock Lake — Matthew Wickersheim

Salem — Sheri Alexander, Renee Beucher, Chrystle Brand, Heather Cirone, Barbara Denman, Marcia Fitzgibbon, Kyle Flood, Scott Gorr, Erin Hudon, Tiffany Kevek, Kari Kinser, Jamy Koepke, Michelle Melendez, Brian Morris, John Schneider, Kevin Skrzynecki, Tyler Sorensen, Rachael Stollings, Gretchen Verhaalen, Daniel Weber, Lori Whited.

Silver Lake — Amy Dzierzanowski, Dawn Klen, Nicholas Schick, Tyler Stoxen.

Trevor — Jeanna Braasch, Robyn Eisen, Ryan George, Kelly Hajduk, Belinda Monroy, Laurie Mrozinski, Lauren Murdock, Mike Pederson, Christopher Staples, Anna Stozek, Lisa Strang, Dana Viesca, Megan Winder.

Twin Lakes — Mary Alber, Joseph Allen, Rebecca Brandenburger, Leah Christopherson, Christopher Danielson, Letitia Edgell, Gregory Guare, Amber Johnson, Sunnie Johnson, Amy Kaelber, Veronica Moore, Abigail Muffitt, Jodi Nickel-Kleich, Bradley Paddock, Yolanta Petterson, Robert Piccolo, Nicole Punko, Ronald Rozell, Janice Schimmel, Holly Sitter, Jacqueline Stiller, Marcus Stoen, Brenda Whitney, Jane Wodarczyk.

Wilmot — Dominic Caris, Bethany Sturgeon.


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