Paddock Lake considering political sign regulations

vote-for-someonePaddock Lake Village Board members at a committee of the whole meeting Tuesday discussed putting some limits on political signs displayed in the village.

Several board members appeared to be offended by displays within the village for the just past spring election where a single candidate has numerous signs displayed on a single property. Areas mentioned in the discussion included along 236th Avenue approximately across from Village Hall and the northeast corner of 248th Avenue and Highway 50 (75th Street).

Said President Terry Burns:

“To see all of these signs just clamored on one small lot it just paints a horrific view of this village … I call it visual pollution, because that’s what it is.”

Added Trustee Gloria Walter, who was on the ballot in last week’s election:

“I just think it detracts from the village … how many times can you see the same name?”

Trustee Barbara Brenner, who also was on the ballot last week, said the concentration of signs from a single candidate in some locations was unprecedented in her experience:

“In my 43 years in this village, I have never ever seen that happen.”

But Trustee Kathy Christenson disagreed that the sign displays were offensive:

“I have to say I wasn’t bothered by any of them … As a homeowner, it’s my right to put up signs … and any number of signs.”

No full set of regulations was decided on Tuesday but limits discussed included limiting the number of signs per parcel, limiting how close signs from a single candidate could be on a single parcel and a total square footage limit per candidate per parcel.

“It’s a political sign beautification act,” Burns said of the proposed ordinance, which would require further consideration and a vote by the board before becoming law.



  1. Free Speech Anyone says:

    This one could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

    (A two minute phone call to the village’s lawyer should clear this up. Sixty seconds to ask the question. 58 seconds of laughing and 2 seconds to say “No”.)

    Just like the golf cart issue. If you want to run this “Village” like a private Kingdom, them put up a fence and gate and close yourselves off to the rest of the world.
    But you’re not! So let this go and get back to what’s important. Reducing Taxes.

  2. Silliness In Silver Lake says: folks in Paddock Lake are kind of lucky…out here in Silver Lake our board is more worried about keeping our “dumbsters” up to code!

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