Randall School academic pep rally coverage

Sending off an athletic team that is fortunate enough to be moving on to a state tournament is an occasion for any school to celebrate, often as a  group in the gym with music and cheers.

With several students this year achieving similar level of accomplishments, but in academics rather than sports, Randall School decided to hold an academic pep assembly on Thursday.

“We were so proud of these accomplishments we decided we wanted to put on an assembly …a pep rally of sorts,” said Karen Reddin, the school’s gifted and talented coordinator.

Honored were:

Gifted and talented coordinator Karen Reddin and Samuel Wank.

Gifted and talented coordinator Karen Reddin and Samuel Wank.

Samuel Wank- State National Geography Bee.  To give an example of geography competition, Samuel competed at the assembly against a team of principal Erin Zigler and eighth grade teacher Scott Bies. The staff won a close contest, but it took two of them to top Samuel.


The math team.

Math Meet Team-State “Mega Math Meet.” Members: Carson Doty, Jake Brockway, Alex Wank, Lauren Christensen , Dayne Schleusner, Shae O’Day, Ashley Lesko, Kayla Kerkman.

State WSMA festival-Triple Trio. Members: Rachel Fosler, Ashley Lesko, Sierra Domek, Adia Fuller, Talia Nordigian, Amy Poteracki, Kira Mackay, Makenzie Efflandt, Kordan Kopp. Here’s a sample of their performance:

State WSMA festival-Solo : Rachel Fosler. Here’s a sample of her performance:

DARE essay contest State Winner: Maddy Hershelman. Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputy Raymond Rowe, who teaches the DARE program in Kneosha County, said Hershelman is the first Kenosha County winner of this statewide contest. There are about 20,000 DARE students — all who wrtie an essay — thoughout Wisconsin, Rowe said. As the statewide essay contest winner, Maddy will get to throw out the fist pitch at a Milwaukee Brewers game. Hee she is reading her essay at the assembly:

In true pep rally fashion, the assembly ended with a special cheer from the cheerleading squad, worked up just for the occasion:



  1. Val Lass Randall School Board President says:

    Thank you to Mrs. Reddin and Mrs. Zigler for a fantastic idea to acknowledge the OUTSTANDING Randall Academic students and performers!!!! CONGRATULATIONS to them all!!

  2. Mrs. Erin Zigler says:

    I could not be more proud of the amazing things that our students have accomplished in the last few weeks! Randall is simply an amazing place to be. Best of luck to all of our state competitors!

  3. Jennifer Rausch says:

    YAY, TEAM RANDALL. You kids amaze me. Love all of you. So excited for all of you.

  4. Happy Registered Voter says:

    Awesome job to all our academic students! Randall is simply the best!

  5. Karen Reddin says:

    Randall Kids ROCK!

    We all share the joys and accomplishments of our students at Randall School.
    It is but another example of the ways Randall puts kids first.

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