Salem PO crew says farewell to Postmaster Mary Yambor

Salem Post Office had a little gathering Monday to say goodbye to Postmaster Mary Yambor. There was lots of food, and people came in to say “hi” in the cozy quarters. She received some flowers, a plant, and other cards and gifts.  She wore the same outfit she was originally sworn in back in 1997.

As one of last official acts, Yambor  presented a 25-year pin to Christy Hansen:

And Hansen had this to say about her years working for Yambor:

Yambor also signed for one of her last deliveries. Ironically, when offered food, the man in brown took a brownie.


One Comment

  1. FNBC says:

    When someone has 32 years in a company, and receives a 25 year award, that means the boss has been sitting on that award for 7 years.
    Sadly, I work for this same company.

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