Election 2014: Paddock Lake Village Trustee

Note: westofthei.com will be posting questionnaire responses from contested local village and town board, Western Kenosha County county supervisor and some school board candidates over the next week. All candidates in a given race were asked the same questions. Their responses are printed as received. The election is April 1. — DH

Paddock Lake Village Trustee (three at-large seats to be filled)

Kathlyn A. Barry, no response received.

Barbara J. Brenner, age 70. Village trustee 2010 to present and 1977-82. Westosha Central High School Board, 12 years.

Anthony Hansen, age 20. No previous political experience.

Gloria J. Walter, no age given. Village trustee since 2013 (appointed).

Why are you seeking this office?

Barry — No response received.

Brenner — “I have been a resident in the village for forty two years and have served as trustee for  total of ten years. I have served on all committees and was chairman of buildings and grounds for the last three years. I feel  I am able to make fair decisions on major issues that affect the majority of our residents. My attendance has been 100 % at all meetings and try to keep an open line with communicating the information with the citizens of this village. I am proud of our village and take great pride in keeping it a great community for all to reside. “I care!””

Hansen — “I am seeking the position of Village Trustee because of my strong desire to give back to my community. I intend to listen to all opinions in matters that will affect our residents and business owners. I look forward to working with a TEAM that is as passionate as I am about making sure the village of Paddock Lake continues to prosper by creating new opportunities for family’s and new businesses.”

Walter — “I am seeking the office of Village Trustee because I feel it is time for me to give back to this community. I want to continue the good work that this present board has been doing. I am concerned with the preservation of our lake and feel this is a very important issue as it is one of the many reasons people choose to live here. Also, we need to protect our environment, which we are doing by keeping our road salt to a minimum. This is only one of many things we are doing to keep our environment clean. I would like to see more businesses come into Paddock Lake and be sure to keep the ones we have.”

Why are you a better choice than the other candidates?

Barry  No response received.

Brenner — “1.) I have been instrumental in creating a Capitol Investment Plan, which is a forecast of five years for improvements within the village. 2.) Creating a rebate for the residents from our recycling refund program. 3.) Participated in the revaluation of the assessed value for the village.”

Hansen — “I am a better choice then the other three candidates because I bring a youthful outlook of commitment and determination to improve the lives of working family’s in Paddock Lake. I have demonstrated strong leadership qualities through my experience while serving my community as a member of the Town of Salem Fire/Rescue for the last three years. My background in customer service and public safety has taught me to actively listen to opinions and the feedback of others.”

Walter — “I served on negotiating teams for 8 years while I was employed. I learned you need to ask questions, and listen to all sides of all the issues. Also, I feel that my life experiences and work ethic will help me in making sound decisions for the future of our Village of Paddock Lake.”


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