Election 2014: Central High School Board-Paris Seat

Note: westofthei.com will be posting questionnaire responses from contested local village and town board, Western Kenosha County county supervisor and some school board candidates over the next week. All candidates in a given race were asked the same questions. Their responses are printed as received. The election is April 1. — DH

Central High School Board – Paris Seat

Dustin Beth, age 19. Elected Senator for Parkside Student Government; Appointed Student Body President; Served on Central’s Board of Education as Student Ambassador and on the Kenosha County Board as a Youth Member;  Appointed Student Body President of UW Parkside Student Government.

John Holloway, age 58. Appointed to Central school board in April of 2013.

Why are you seeking this office?

Beth — “I’m seeking this office because I believe that we need more financial responsibility in our school district. While I strongly believe in supporting our schools, we must do so in a responsible way. For the past couple years, the Central School Board has continually voted to raise property taxes amidst concerns from residents. I’m also seeking this office because I want to bring more transparency and accountability to our school district. I pledge to do this by meeting regularly with students, parents, educators and taxpayers. I think an additional reason why I decided to run is that I desire to foster improvements to student programs. Investing in our students’ activities is important to help them grow into future leaders. This means providing equal opportunity for every single activity to flourish and engage our students.”

Holloway — “Education and Central High School have always been a part of my life. My father was one of the founders of Central and served on the board for 27 years. My mother taught at Gateway for 20 years. I have seen the impact that a good education and a supportive school experience can have. I want to help shape that and make sure that we provide the best education we can. I enjoy community service. As a taxpayer, I want to make sure that we are spending the tax dollars we have as wisely as possible. I currently have three children enrolled at Central. I feel it is important that the board have at least some parents as members as they can serve as an important conduit of information back to the whole board and administration, sharing how decisions are impacting students and their achievement.”

Why are you a better choice than the other candidate?

Beth — “I respect my opponent and his desire to serve our community and I appreciate that. However I believe that fresh perspective will provide results for our school. I have an open mind and I’m willing to sit down, listen, and ask questions. As a recent alumnus of the school, I know firsthand what students have to go through and will bring some ideas for how to address the needs and bring success for our students. With previous experience on this very board as well as through various commitments in our community, I believe that I can bring a positive and effective change for our students as well as our school district. I welcome anyone with questions or concerns to contact me at bethforchs@gmail.com or visit my campaign website at www.bethforchs.com.”

Holloway —  (Note: The following originally appeared as part of response one. — DH) “Qualifications for Position: I feel that I am a strong candidate for the position due to my experience and knowledge. I have served on a wide range of boards at the local, regional and state level. Some of my current activities are: incumbent high school board member, chairman of the plan commission for the Town of Paris since 1992 and director on the Westosha High School Foundation. Some of my past activities are: recently stepped down as a director for CPI Cooperative and it’s successor Landmark Services Cooperative – the largest farm supply and grain cooperative in Wisconsin with $600 million in annual sales, past president of Paris Mutual Fire Insurance Company, past director for Cooperative Network, past state director of the Wisconsin Soybean Association, served on the Westosha High School Facilities Advisory Board and served as the co-chair of both the Central High School Facilities Task Force and Facilities Master Plan Committee. I served on the Gateway College ag curriculum advisory board as well as numerous other boards and committees. I am an active and informed board member. I am effective and work well as a team member. I have been very involved in the facilities at Central and serve as chair of the Building and Grounds committee for the board. As Central moves forward with implementing the Nexus facility improvement plan, I feel my knowledge and experience will be valuable.”


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