Election 2014: County Supervisor District 18

Note: westofthei.com will be posting questionnaire responses from contested local village and town board, Western Kenosha County county supervisor and some school board candidates over the next week. All candidates in a given race were asked the same questions. Their responses are printed as received.  The election is April 1. — DH

County Supervisor District 18 (district map here)

Anita Johnson, age 48. Kenosha County Board Supervisor of District 18 (April 2012 – Present). Committee Appointments: Judiciary & Law Enforcement, and Human Services, Kenosha County/City Joint Services Board (Appointed May 2012 – Present), George Lake Rehabilitation Board (Appointed May 2012 – Present).

Chad Toney, age 48. No previous political experience.

Why are you seeking this office?

Johnson — “I’m a product of this community – a product of our schools, our churches and our collective families. I owe everything I am and everything I’ve attained to this community and I want to give back. I’ve become very protective of the families in my district and I know my successful business experience and education has armed me to watch over them. I’ve watched our property values drop while our taxes continued to rise and I know many of our families now owe more than their homes are worth. I want to keep fighting to make sure we remain economically viable – we need to bring those property values back up and increase the tax base so our property taxes stay at a rate we can all live with. I’ve also learned the importance of public safety and I’ve worked hard to help alleviate the constant challenges our Sheriff’s Dept. faces. I’m very proud that my work on the Judiciary & Law Enforcement Committee has been acknowledged by the Sheriff and I’ve received his full endorsement for re-election. In a nutshell, I like this position – I get to help protect the community I love and I’m good at it.”

Toney — “The 18th district deserves a conservative voice on the board. As your board supervisor, I pledge to help rein in out-of-control spending and government waste. My 20 years of experience in the private sector will give the board a fresh perspective on job growth and expansion in the county. As a true conservative, I am better positioned to address and fix the issues facing Kenosha County.”

Why are you a better choice than the other candidate?

Johnson — 1. I have more public office experience than my opponent. I have 2 years experience sitting on the 2 committees that comprise the largest portion of the overall county budget: · Judiciary & Law Enforcement; and · Human Services I’ve also served on the following Boards since May of 2012: · Kenosha County/City Joint Services Board · George Lake Rehabilitation Board In addition, through this experience I have built strong working relationships with many community leaders and department heads – relationships built on mutual respect that are crucial in order to be effective as a County Board Supervisor. That’s why I’m supported by our Sheriff David Beth and the Kenosha County Sheriff Deputy’s Association, and why State Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca recently publicly stated, “Anita Johnson is one of our most talented Supervisors!” 2. My occupation enabled me to take office in 2012 with relevant work experience which is now even stronger, whereas my opponent’s occupation has very limited parallels to the office of County Board Supervisor. I manage global clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies -including the budgets which are usually quite a bit larger than the county budget. I do this for a living and budget experience is crucial to being a good County Board Supervisor. I’m successful because I’m an expert at identifying and remediating inefficiencies in budgets – we need people in office who can do that – it saves everyone money. 3. My education is better suited than my opponents. Even my education is from Kenosha County – I am truly a product of my community. I not only have a Bachelor’s Degree from UW-Parkside, I will also be finishing a Master’s in Business Administration by the end of the year. I’ve enjoyed serving my district so much that I’ve returned to UW-Parkside to finish my MBA. A focus on economics will enable me to serve my district even better!

Toney — I would be a better candidate because I am the only true conservative in the race. My opponent voted to raise taxes $1,000,000 dollars in just one year, I will vote against tax increases. My opponent also voted to spend tax payer dollars on free Wi-Fi to downtown Kenosha; I believe that is a waste of taxpayer dollars. My opponent is endorsed by the AFL-CIO; I will be an independent voice, not beholden to special interests. Kenosha County deserves a conservative voice representing the 18th district, I will be that voice.


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