Paris Town Board OKs permit request for motorcycle/ATV business

town-of-paris-logoThe Paris Town Board on Tuesday approved a conditional use permit for a proposed motorcycle/ATV service and sales business on Highway 142 east of Highway 45.

The permit was requested by Brett Weis, acting as the agent for the business.

The town plan commission had earlier also approved the petition for the permit.

The property  at 19813 Burlington Road (Highway 142) is zoned B3. Weis’ proposed use for the property is allowed under that zoning, Plan Commission Chairman John Holloway said.

Weis said he plans to service and sell motorcycles and ATVs and parts at the facility. His petition included ” parts and oil sales, service and outdoor sales display.”

Weis also requested approval for including living quarters for one employee in the facility. That is not initially in his plans, but he wanted to request it in case it became necessary in the future, Weis said.

If the living quarters are included,  a firewall would have to be built between the quarters and the rest of the building, Holloway said.

Town Supervisor Ken Monson asked Weis to be considerate of neighbors of the business regarding issues such as noise, lighting and operating hours.

“You’ve got to respect the neighbors,” Monson said. “I certainly think you will live up to that.”

Town Chairman Virgil Gentz said he was not particularly happy with the living quarters proposal.

“I’m not real sold on people living in that building, but I’m a good listener too,” Gentz said. Ultimately he did vote in favor of granting the permit.

“It’s nice to see an up and coming business on that corner,” Gentz said at the conclusion of discussion on the matter.



  1. Gary says:

    Gentz isn’t happy with the living quarter proposal? I think there was a family living in that building for the last four years. It’s about time Paris approved some businesses – too bad it didn’t come before the annexation of all of that property along the interstate.

  2. Nothing new to see here! says:

    Same old story in Paris. Annexation has been coming for a long, long time and the board keeps everything that is important behind closed doors. It’s criminal.

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