Paddock Lake will have Nov. referendum on golf cart ban

golf-cart-sxc-Michal-Zacharzewski-webThe Paddock Lake Village Board has decided to put the question of whether to ban golf carts on village streets to a referendum.

Trustee Barbara Brenner made the motion calling for the referendum. Brenner is on record as opposing golf carts use.

Golf carts have received some occasional discussion among village officials for years. But things got more serious last month, when President Terry Burns proposed developing an ordinance regulating the carts and requiring things such as registration with the village, following traffic rules and having a driver’s license. But Brenner lead a change of heart on the matter at this month’s committee of the whole meeting and five members of the board expressed a preference for an outright ban of golf carts on village streets. After that, citizens who own carts and those that support their use sprang into action organizing an online petition and making plans to pack the next board meeting.

About 60 people turned out at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting. About 10 people spoke, all in favor of allowing carts. The audience members said carts were a convenient way to get around the village, especially to get to the beach and back. Some said they were open to more regulation, in exchange for golf carts to still be allowed.

Brenner said the board discussed other avenues after the opposition to a ban developed and came up with the idea of a referendum.

“We think the voting would be more proper than seven people making the decision,” Brenner said.

Village Clerk Emily Uhlenhake  said the referendum would have to be held in conjunction with a general election. The next available date is the Nov. 4 election, that will include elections for governor and Congress.

In the meantime, the status of golf carts is unchanged, Burns said.

“Enjoy the summer with your golf cart,” Burns said to the audience.



  1. robert says:

    If anyone votes for Barbara Brenner whats next? I dont even live in paddock lake and I can see the harm she is capable of doing..

  2. Voter says:

    About time the Paddock Lake board thinks and asks us what we want! I think come April 1st there will be a change!

  3. Silliness In Silver Lake says:

    Come on out to Silver Lake…we’ve got a candidate running for village board trying to regulate our dumpsters!!!!

  4. Silver Lake says:

    You think you have it bad. Move to Silver Lake and then tell me its bad in Paddock Lake.

  5. robert says:

    ha ha silver lake that is a perfect example of why you dont need more people like brenner in paddock lake

  6. Robert Robert Robert says:

    You don’t know Barb Brenner or you would not be talking about her the way you
    are.I feel sorry for you,Spouting your mouth without the facts.You don’t live in
    Paddock Lake,Thank-God.Stay where you are,we don’t need you or your Big Mouth in Paddock Lake.

  7. Ryan says:

    Get Barb Brenner the hell out of there! She’s doing nothing but hurting our village! Barb we put you in that chair to help run this village and help it’s residents! YOU HAVE FAILED!!!! Believe me, my new neighbors and I will not be voting for you or any of the same old village politicians. Paddock Lake needs a change and we intend to make it happen April 1st!

  8. Let's Get Real says:

    Let’s get real folks. I think it is time for some real facts so some of you can stop this Brenner bashing.

    Fact #1: None of the trustees on the Village Board woke up one morning and decided to go into a Village meeting to ban Golf Carts. Terry Burns brought this to the table folks, not Barb Brenner. It seems to me the person you should be most angry at for putting your use of Golf Carts at risk is Terry Burns, he brought this to the table for a decision in his words, we need to make a decision one way or another it is time to stop kicking this down the road.

    Fact #2: There is a board made up of 7 people, all of which have to work together and at times make difficult decisions based on what is best for the Village and the residents of the Village. The fact is 5 of the 7 board members were in favor at looking at an ordinance to ban the use of Golf Carts in the village.

    Fact #3: (This one is for Ryan) Barb Brenner has served this Village for over 4 years, she attended every single meeting without fail, she is involved and she listens and cares about what is in the best interest of this Village and the residents in it. If you pay attention at all to what goes on in this Village you would find that the events such as (Santa at the Village Hall, 4th of July Bike Parade, Easter Bunny, Green Expo) to name a few might not happen if it wasn’t for trustees like Barb Brenner and the work she puts into them. Personally I am grateful to have a trustee like Barb Brenner on the Village Board, it was a vote not wasted on a trusteed not involved. Again if you pay any attention at all, you would have noticed just 3 years ago, this Village was paying out stipends to trustees who rarely attending meetings, who were not involved, simply voted the status quo no questions asked. Another fact folks, it was your tax dollars paying these people not to work for you. I for one don’t want to go back to paying elected trustees to do nothing but collect my hard earned tax dollars. So again from where I sit Ryan, it wasn’t Barb Brenner who as you say “Failed” it would be you sir who have Failed to pay attention.

    Finally thoughts, get all the facts people before you get all hot and bothered about one issue, take the time to ask those sitting on your board why they support a position that you might or might not agree with, you just might learn something. Severing as an elected official is never an easy job, it is a no win situation no matter what your never going to make everyone happy. If it were easy, maybe we would see your name on the ballot “Robert” or perhaps yours “Ryan”. I do pay attention, I call, email and talk to the elected officials and I do see who is doing the job they were elected to do. Barb Brenner, you continue to have my vote, thank you for your hard work always and for your continued dedication to this Village and it’s residents.

  9. Common sense says:

    The only one who’s failed Ryan, is loud mouths like you who chose to cry and complain versus do something to improve your town. Boo-hoo, I can’t let my 8 year old drive a golf cart down the street…..pitiful.


    WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh,,,,, I want my 7 year old to be able to drive a golf cart on the village streets! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,,,,,I like to drive my gold cart to the bar so I can look cool and pick up the ladies. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Get a life Robert and Ryan.

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