Golf cart supporters rallying opposition to proposed ban in Paddock Lake

golf-cart-sxc-Michal-Zacharzewski-webOpponents of a proposed ban on using golf carts on Paddock Lake roads are rallying support to keep those vehicles legal.

Megan Mueller of Paddock Lake started a petition on, but later decided to abandon that effort in favor of a paper petition. Cart supporters are hoping to gather at least 200 signatures supporting their view to present to the Village Board at this Wednesday’s regular board meeting.

In February, the Village Board at a committee of the whole meeting discussed creating and ordinance regulating golf carts so they could be used legally on village streets. Regulations such as requiring a driver’s license, following traffic regulations, requiring head and taillights and permits from the village for each cart were discussed.

At that first meeting, some trustees appeared to be opposed to allowing carts, but did not raise an objection to an ordinance of regulations being developed. But when the matter came up at the March committee of the whole meeting, sentiment on the board for banning the carts as off-road vehicles unsafe for pubic roads was much stronger and the ordinance proposal became one to ban the vehicles.

Trustee Barbara Brenner said between the two meetings that she was hearing from residents who — like her — felt golf carts should be kept off village roads.

“My opinion is that golf carts should be prohibited,” Brenner said last Tuesday. “There just isn’t room for them … we’re opening a big, big problem.”

But Mueller, who does not currently own a golf cart but would like to purchase one, said in an email to she also is hearing from others who support the pro-cart position: “I am hearing from many people who normally aren’t involved in village issues. I think this is going to get many voters involved, and many of the board members will be recognized by where they stand on this issue in the minds of voters going forward. I think this issue will factor into the upcoming election.”

The Village Board meeting starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday.




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