Paddock Lake moves to ban golf carts on streets

golf-cart-sxc-Michal-Zacharzewski-webPaddock Lake will consider an ordinance next week to ban golf carts on village roads.

The move is somewhat of a reversal from last month, when a consensus of the board seemed to be to draft an ordinance regulating cart use.

But the subject was again on this month’s committee of the whole meeting, at the request of Trustee Barbara Brenner, who said she wanted to see if other board members felt drafting the ordinance regulating golf carts was in line with the majority’s viewpoint.

For her part, Brenner expressed a strong opinion against allowing the carts.

“My opinion is that golf carts should be prohibited” Brenner said. “There just isn’t room for them … We’re opening a big, big problem. I would vote no.”

Some other board members expressed similar sediments, but the feeling was not universal. Trustee Gary Kaddatz, who has said he owns a golf cart he uses in the village,  advocated regulating their use as a better way to control undesirable behavior.

“I think you’ll have a big headache …” if a ban is enacted, Kaddatz said.

Ultimately, in an informal show of hands, only Burns and Kaddatz opposed banning golf carts from village roads.

Though Burns had raised the issue last month advocating allowing but regulating golf cart use, he said he felt Tuesday’s consensus around banning their use was still progress.

“The important thing here is instead of kicking the can down the road, we’ve made a decision,” Burns said.



  1. You did the right thing says:

    Thank-You Trustee Brenner,Christenson,Walter,and Fish for sticking up for
    the residents on the golf cart issue,you did the right thing.

  2. Bill Peterson says:


    Stick to your guns! If golf carts are ok then what about ATVs and other non street legal machines. Keep up the good work!

  3. R Point says:

    Not asking for atv use and other non street legal vehicles. Pretty black and white Golf Carts.

  4. Andre' Esparza says:

    Unconstitutional!! Everybody should have the Freedom of Travel. Thanks too Burns and Kaddatz for Voting No. Human Rights Should Trump Emotions and Safety.

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