Beware phone call from bank scam


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Local residents are reporting getting phone calls that purport to be from banks operating in the local area, but actually are scams when they check them out with real people at local branches. Karen and I both received these calls on our cellphones this evening.

Law enforcement and consumer protection authorities warn people to be careful about any request for account numbers and identity information from a phone call or email message. Any legitimate organization that you are connected to should know that info already. Don’t give out that info!

Be careful!



  1. Almost scamed says:

    Thank you West of The I, I got the same call about an hour ago, scared the you know what out of me.

  2. Ed Gillmore says:

    They called us, said it was security check for a card we don’t even have, scary, thank you for westofthei

  3. Wendy says:

    I got that call yesterday telling me my visa MasterCard had been locked and I needed to unlock it. I hung up because I don’t even have a debit MasterCard.

  4. jenny solka says:

    I also got one on friday night, this is scary….

  5. sherri says:

    Just got the call 15 minutes ago I just hung up on them thanks to west of the I

  6. concerned nieghbor says:

    Just last night my mom got a call saying they were from South Port Bank and and something about her bank card, she hung up. It was a recorded message calling on a Saturday night @ 9pm VERY SHADY, yet scarry

  7. George says:

    I got the call on my cellphone last month and tonight I got the call on my home phone. They said they were from Talmer bank and that my card had been locked down. I just hung up!

  8. Not a Talmer BankCustomer says:

    My husband and I both received call from Talmer Bank on our cell phones telling us our cc was locked – please enter the cc number to unlock. Never had an account with this bank and the phone number (because it shows up on our phones) 000-000-0000 – oh yeah this is a scam – wonder if Talmer Bank knows about this.

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