Twin Lakes women face drug-related charges

Two Twin Lakes women have been charged with drug related crimes as the result of an investigation by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department Kenosha Drug Operations Group.

From a statement issued by the department Thursday:

On March 4, 2014, Kenosha Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Samantha L. Horne and Samantha J. Ogelvie. KDOG (Kenosha Drug Operations Group) conducted a drug investigation spanning over several months. Samantha L. Horne (F/W-11/93) and Samantha J. Ogelvie (F/W-06/96) were the targets of KDOG’s drug investigation. … They both reside at 502 Wilmot Avenue – Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.

According to circuit court records, the following charges were filed against Horne on Wednesday :

  • Five felony counts of Manufacture/Deliver THC (<=200g).
  • One felony count of Possess w/Intent-THC (<=200 grams).
  • One felony count of Maintain Drug Trafficking Place.
  • One misdemeanor count of Possess Drug Paraphernalia.

According to circuit court records, the following charges were filed against Ogelvie on Wednesday :

  • One felony count of Maintain Drug Trafficking Place.
  • One misdemeanor count of Possess Drug Paraphernalia.




  1. bill smith says:

    Big Deal. Its weed. Our tax dollars should go after something more substantial.

  2. Ferris says:

    I agree with Bill, but selling/trafficking is a felony and should be punished. Legally obtaining it should be an option to either of these women.

  3. joce says:

    So they now have “Kenosha Drug Operations Group” to bust marijuana dealers? Biggest waste of tax money ever why dont they let regular cops bust weed dealers and actually focus on the drugs that are killing people? Or a task force to keep the police from endangering innocent locals with their crazy driving? I seen three cops sitting and having a meeting the other day, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, on hwy 83… Who is to police them?

  4. Joy Andrews says:

    It is still illegal! Follow the laws you losers then our tax dollars will be spent in other areas that are really needed!

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    Really folks, our tax dollars should be used to help fund the illegal library purchase in Silver Lake!

  6. Amanda says:

    I’m so sick of people claiming that weed isn’t a big deal and it should be legalized! This particular incident is a prime example of why this drug is so dangerous. These two “women” are 17 and 19 years old.
    First of all, the only people naive enough to buy drugs from them would be children/teenagers. These girls should be preparing for and attending college, not wasting their lives and extending their stupidity to our future generations.
    Furthermore, pot is typically a gateway drug. I have personally seen so many of my childhood classmates destroy their lives. This usually occurs in either 1of 2 ways: A) the person moves on to “bigger and better” drugs when they don’t achieve the same high as they used to. Or B) the person gradually loses motivation (and short term memory). By the time they realize that they are behind their peers on so many levels, they become overwhelmed and depressed. Once this occurs, the person usually remains in their delusional lifestyle.
    Lastly, do you really believe that if pot was legalized the profits would benefit the American people?! We have no idea what that money would be used for. Probably to “fix” Obama Care or any other useless program higher power deems rational. Legalizing marijuana would create more people complaining about the government, yet too lazy to get off the couch and vote.
    In conclusion, pot is a big deal. There are far more negative aspects than good. I pray that my children are confident enough to realize that pot will never get you anywhere you want to be. Life is difficult and often unfair. Wouldn’t it be better to face life’s challenges with a clear head? The confidence in knowing that you never needed a “crutch” during the journey of life.

  7. kelly says:

    Really? waste our money on something like this, when there are better things to be busting people for! Weed isn’t nothing! take a look at all the rest of the real junkies out there that are sticking needles in there arms! But over weed come on. At lest there not out there killing people or themselves. personally I think it should be legal to smoke, its the last thing people or cops should be worried about! I moved out of twin lakes because of the harder drugs people are selling and doing and the break ins and you people are worried about weed!

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