No change in Central HS gymnastics co-op status after board discussion

gymnast-stock-1-sxc-Moi-Cody-webThe gymnastics team was on the agenda of the Central High School Board at its committee of the whole meeting Tuesday night.

But after some brief discussion by the board, no action was taken to change the implementation of a co-operative agreement to combine with the Kenosha Combined gymnastics team for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.

The agreement was approved by the Central School Board in April 2013 and was approved by the Kenosha Unified School Board last week.

Before the discussion, board President Mary Ellen Pearsall made a statement on the history of the decision. She said she was reopening the discussion on the issue among board members so any of them could get clarification on any of the issues involved, especially John Holloway, who was appointed to his seat and was attending his first meeting when the co-op decision was made, and Steve Richter, who joined the board after the decision was made.

Both Richter and Holloway did ask several questions. Shortly after, Pearsall called for the meeting to be adjourned, but gymnastics parents in the audience then asked to speak. Board members listened for a while informally, but most of them eventually left the room. District administrator Scott Pierce, principal Lisa Albrecht and athletic director Jonathan Lindh remained to talk to parents. Holloway also stayed.

Pierce said he also was prepared to meet with parents of gymnastics team members in two weeks to answer questions about how the co-op will work.

School officials have said they pursued the co-op team with Kenosha in order to preserve gymnastics as a extracurricular for Central while also gaining space in the gym mezzanine now occupied  year round by the gymnastics equipment for the school team and a recreational club operated by coach Bill Price.

“I would love to have gymnastics here, but the problem is we have run out of space,” said Albrecht, who points out that some gym classes are now held in the building’s lobby.

Price challenges the contention that his team and rec program are taking up valuable instructional space.

“If you said we have to move it every night, we would move it,” Price said. “We could work it out. I always have.”


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