A word from our sponsors: Still time to order paczki from Heidi’s Bakery

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/Contributed photo

Note: Heidi’s Bakery is a westofthei.com sponsor. — DH

It’s getting close to paczki day and that means the staff at Heidi’s Bakery in Paddock Lake is preparing to fulfill the demand for this traditional holiday treat.

The paczki (pronounced poonchkey) is a Polish, filled pastry that has become a part of the celebration of Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. This year, paczki day is March 4.

Heidi’s Bakery offers 17 varieties: apple, apricot, Bavarian cream, blueberry, cheese, cherry, cherry/cheese combo, chocolate Bavarian cream, custard, lemon, pineapple, pineapple whipped cream, prune, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry whipped cream and strawberry/cheese combo.

There’s still time to order yours by calling 262-586-8000.


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  1. Gary Borowski says:

    I read in the description of Heidi’s paczkis that the pastry is filled with “Polish”.
    Just wondering if they got that locally?

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