Salem Town Board OKs donation of vehicle to county EMS medical director

town-of-salem-sign-webThe Salem Town Board agreed Monday to donate a vehicle to United Hospitals Systems so that the Kenosha County EMS medical director can respond directly to appropriate medicals calls in the field.

The vote was unanimous, but two board members expressed concern over whether the town was getting enough for the donation of the vehicle.

The move came at a special board meeting held immediately after a Committee of the Whole meeting Monday evening.

The vehicle will let Dr. Ben Feinzimer, Kenosha County EMS medical director,  respond to appropriate scenes of medical calls. In the field he could bring additional expertise,  help direct medical care being delivered to patients and educate EMS personnel as well. Feinzimer explained what he would like to use the vehicle for at last Monday’s regular Town Board meeting

The vehicle is a 2005 Ford Explorer most recently used as a response vehicle for the Wilmot Station battalion chief. Fire Chief Mike Slover said it has a Blue Book value of about $5,000.

Slover said he initiated the idea of donating the vehicle because he sees the benefit of having Feinzimer in the field and the town does not really have a use for the Explorer.

Feinzimer has been responding to some scenes with his personal vehicle. Slover pointed out that using the Explorer — already outfitted for emergency response — would be more efficient and safer.

Supervisor Dan Campion questioned what other communities that will benefit are contributing and whether Salem was getting enough for its contribution.

“What are we getting special out of it?” Campion asked. “We’re the ones putting up the most.”

Chairman Diann Tesar said “I think it’s pretty generous for Salem.”

Other board members were more enthusiastic.

“I personally think our return would be worth it,” said Supervisor Dennis Faber, who pointed out that the vehicle needs some repairs and a new paint job that United Hospitals will pay for.



  1. Happy Resident says:

    I have to say how impressed I am with the way Salem does business. The Fire Chief run a great show and is backed up by his board. They also are helping everyone around them. Now they are raising the level of patient care in their community by supporting the Medical Director. Great job Dennis Faber and Diann Tesar.

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    Nice job Salem…………another upgrade in medical care being offered to your citizens. Meanwhile, Silver Lake Rescue Squad has donated a used Schwinn Road Glyder bicycle for their medical director. It has a push button bell and orange safety flag on it. Walgreens has generously donated a bike rack in their parking lot at 50 & 83 when he responds so he has a place to park it.

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