Trevor-Wilmot School announces talented and/or gifted program changes

trevor-wilmot-school-logoThe Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated School District made the following announcement this week regarding talented and/or gifted program at he school:

Students at Trevor-Wilmot Consolidated Grade School District (TWC) will soon be able to enhance their learning even further thanks to Trevor-Wilmot School Board members approving expanded Talented and/or Gifted (TAG) programming at the last meeting of 2013. Curriculum Director Tracy Donich, and current TAG Coordinator Pam Sorenson, proposed plans for upgrading TAG programming at TWC, based on the Gifted Education Programming Standards outlined by the National Association for Gifted Children. The plans provide for greater depth of learning opportunities for students to begin as early as next fall. Board of Education members received the proposal at the meeting on Dec. 3  and approved moving ahead with the plan at meeting at the Dec. 17 meeting. The upgraded programming will provide ways and means for students to better prepare for college and careers by extending robust curriculum and amplifying learning. The Board-approved programming includes a three-year plan to better match learning services with identified student need. With TAG programming being part of the Wisconsin state-wide initiative of Response to Intervention, all students will be screened for strengths in intellectual, academic, creative, leadership, and/or arts areas. Students identified with talents and/or gifts in any of these areas will be given chances for increased personalized learning. A key part of this plan includes changing the current part-time TAG Coordinator to full time starting in the 2014-2015 school year. Extending this position will require the TAG Coordinator to manage and facilitate increased programming for all identified students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The goal is for students to be challenged with rigorous materials, pace of instruction, and creative production on a more recurrent basis. This may be accomplished through different work in the classroom, small group work beyond the classroom, contests, or competitions. More details about TAG programming can be found on the Trevor-Wilmot School District web site.



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