For sheriff’s deputy, duty can call even when nature calls

kcsd-doorA sheriff’s deputy at a Somers discount store discovered today that a law enforcement officer is always on duty — even on a bathroom break.

According to a Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department report: Deputy Eric Klinkhammer was at the store waiting for a person involved in an accident. In the meantime, he went to use the bathroom at the store. Once there he noticed suspicious — and not typical — activity in a stall. He saw the person exit the stall wrapping empty product packaging in toilet paper and disposing of it in a garbage can outside of the stall. Klinkhammer confronted the person and saw that the person had an electronic item in his jacket pocket. The person eventually told Klinkhammer he did not purchase some items and the deputy searched him, hand-cuffed him and took him out to meet with store security. The male suspect, a 32-year-old Trevor resident, was given a county ordinance violation for retail theft and agreed not to return to the store. The two items taken were valued at $14.40.

The report is silent on whether Klinkhammer was also able to make an arrest on his lunch break.


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