Twin Lakes to see first contested trustee election in six years

tl-logoTwin Lakes will have a contested village trustee election this April, something that has not happened since 2007.

The following five candidates filed before today’s 5 p.m. deadline to be on the ballot in April:

  • Mike Moran, an incumbent.
  • Thomas E. Connolly, an incumbent.
  • Barbara Andres.
  • Jeremy Knoll, an incumbent.
  • Pat J Kail.

The top three vote getters will fill the three available at-large seats.

From 2008 to 2013 only incumbents have been on the ballot for Twin Lakes village trustee and village president and were consequently re-elected unchallenged.



  1. Twin Lakes Voter says:

    I will gladly vote for anyone willing to run against and finally get Jeremy Knoll out of here. After what he did, excuse me, FAILED to do with the Twin Lakes Skate Park he should have went away on his own. He’s actually trying to run again? To do what…WASTE more of our money? He failed to take the sweet deal Lake Geneva offered regardless of their park being vandalized (they were willing to slash the price and provide materials to repair some of the equipment) then agrees with someone that only had her own kids best interest in mind (Mrs. Valentine) and purchased the JUNK sitting in an abandoned tennis court. Skate Parks do not come in a box Jeremy! Then…it all had to be locked up and the tennis court closed because people were destroying the garbage he purchased. So thousands of dollars wasted and still no useable skate park. Nice work, NOT! This is just one of the many failures on his part while in his Trustee position.

  2. Elaine Valentine says:

    it is very clear to us that the person who wrote this previous comment is uneducated when it comes to the process and the last three years of the fundraising events that accured,and didn’t bother to write facts just rederic.It was the whole Park Board who voted that they would match funds raised for the Skate Park.(Fundraising)which means 3 years of it.!!!Also we were already to get the Lake Geneva equipment when it was destroyed and would have been dangerous and the cost to fix it would have been too much!!Then on top of that the very last meetings the Park Board voted to have someone build a nice park and he never responded after given two weeks to get the plans to them.THESE ARE FACTS!!!So we voted to rather let the money sit in an account $4,500.or give the kids something to use.It kills me how WHO ever you are!!!Where have you been? When we were fundraising?How come you were not at all of the meetings?And if you new anything about Jeremy Knoll you wouldn’t be ripping on him.You would know all of the awesome things he does for Twin Lakes.Just call the Village and they will give you a list a mile long!!!If you are so interested in this,then get yourself moving and start raising money for a better park but be prepared to put your life on hold to raise the 20,000 to 30,000 it’s going to take to have a nice Skate Park.We are proud of all of the people who did donate and thankful for the time and money given.This is not the end all to the Park it was a beginning,maybe for something better for the future.JEREMY KNOLL is a great choice!!!His encouraging,positive attitude is what has made people look up to him.Ask anyone who really knows him!!!Next time get your facts straight before you post!!!

  3. Tammy Coose says:

    Dittos with Elaine Valentine. Where were you, nameless voter, when all of these things were being dealt with? Almost no one, and I mean, no one from the entire surrounding area, stepped up to the plate to help with all that fundraising, etc for those years. If you can do better, then by all means, you have our blessing – go and do better. Who is stopping you from contributing to the community? Guessing you only have time to complain and not actually put your money where your mouth is. Let’s give props to Jeremy and the TL Village Board for trying to come out with at least something for the kids instead of nothing, which is just what Lake Geneva left him with b/c they really didn’t do their job of protecting what they had “sold”. Since kids vandalized the LG park before we could get it, and kids here are not treating this park well (so you say), then what makes you think these same kids wouldn’t be vandalizing that “repaired” LG park if we’d gotten it? Then let this be a test of how interested the kids are in having and taking care of a skate park. It’s funny that you think Jeremy acted alone – blame the whole board if you want, b/c I was at some of the board meetings and everything was done by board decision – nothing individual. The decision, moreover, was not made with any negligence or abuse, but with best options available and limited resources. So be it. And now let’s forget about the skate park, which was just one thing in this town that Jeremy has worked on. This is not just an outstanding young man, but Jeremy and his wife are an outstanding couple – they are equally qualified and devoted to serving our community. Their integrity, honesty, decency, and humility are really something to be praised and exemplified. Jeremy understands business, finances, and budgets and brings a keen mind to the village committee. They have helped my family a variety of times in different ways, and living in their neighborhood I can say they are the best of neighbors. Are you aware that if you have an emergency call, whether fire or medical, Jeremy and his wife are likely to be the first ones on the scene? I can’t tell you how many times they race out of their driveway on their way to an emergency call, in the worse of weather and all times of day/night. They are very hard workers, and honestly, I’d like to nominate them for most amazing couple. Let’s put a positive story piece on the news instead. Our community is safer and in great hands with Jeremy Knoll serving in leadership. Vote someone else off, but not Jeremy.

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