Six to compete for Silver Lake village trustee; Schwebke to bow out

silver-lake-VHSix candidates will compete to fill three seats on the Silver Lake Village Board in the April election.

Not among them will be incumbent Trustee Cyndy Schwebke, who filed non-candidacy papers before the Dec. 27 deadline.

On the ballot will be:

  • Sotiria Wilber, an imcumbent.
  • Paul Snellen, an incumbent.
  • Roger Johnson, a former village president.
  • Carolyn Dodge.
  • Chris Willkomm, a former village trustee.
  • Janet Brager.

With three seats open and six candidates there will no need for a primary. The top three vote getters will fill the seats for a two-year term.



  1. Really?? says:

    Looks like the good old boys are trying to make it back on the board. They didn’t do anything before to help the community, why do they feel they will do good now??? The only issue they are concerned with it keeping the Rescue Squad, which is such a small portion of running the Village, I don’t understand why they can only focus on that. If the good old boys get back on the board, you mine as well plan on moving, because this little community will be broke and there will be no vision to fix it with that group leading the way. Only keeping jobs for their friends and family.

  2. Better with Bernie says:

    So it may be a trip back to the good ol’ boys in Silver Lake?
    Higher taxes, no services, no accountability and of course who could forget the no bid contracts to friends and relatives that Johnson and Willkomm are so fond of? Perhaps we can just leave tax money in a jar on the desk of the village clerk, and whomever shouts the loudest, stomps their feet the longest, challenges the most fights, swears most often, or gives the most fingers to the board and other citizens, gets to keep all they can grab from the jar.
    You “newcomers” don’t have a chance if this wild west show gains control of the board.
    Oh, and the initiative to cooperate with our neighbors and share public services for the good of the citizens? Kiss that good bye!

  3. I like Bernie says:

    Get your neighbors out to vote. Let us not go backwards, but rather forward. This village government needs to end, and end soon. Remember your voice will carry to Salem too. Does anyone know who Janet Brager is? And speaking of good old boys, Plow guys got extensive overtime for plowing. Think they coiuld cut back their day hours in exchange. Why can’t they figure this out?

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    I must chuckle at the thought that “outsiders” have wrecked out quaint little village of Silver Lake, yet 3 candidates for the board have previously been voted OUT OF OFFICE by our citizens. What’s up with THAT? Either we are going back to the “good old boys club” that Silver Lake is notorious for, or we are going to continue to try and move “forward”. One important consideration for EVERYONE who goes to cast a ballot……..this election is a LOT MORE than just “Saving Silver Lake Rescue Squad”. If that is any candidate’s sole objective, there’s a lot more on our plates than that. Please consider all the issues when voting your choice. If you are satisfied with how things were done in the past, and the financial plight our village currently finds itself in, then by all means, let’s turn back the clock and go back to those days. In the words of Yogi Berra: “It’s Deja Vue all over again”. Oh boy! Stay tuned!

  5. The Rock says:

    FINALLY The Rock has come back to West of the I!!!

    Stay tuned jabronies for the real pulse on Silver Lake!

  6. I like Bernie says:

    Only two of the 6 are not connected with rescue. Soti Wilbur, and Paul Snellen, two who are already on, are getting my vote. I will toss in Roger Johnson, as he is knowegable about local governments. Soti gets my vote, she is not afraid to ask questions and keeps eveyone aware. If you bring up an issue, she will get right on it. Paul is the one who bought up the disrepair of the sewers, and is not afraid to ask questions either. Get your neighbors out to vote, and lets keep this going.

  7. Who is Janet says:

    Janet is a former rescue squad member and very vocal about it. She might have even retired from there. I believe she might even be related to Carolyn Dodge, another rescue squad member!!! The options are horrible and if we vote for any of them, be prepared for more good old boys politics and this town coming to an end. None of them have any vision to look forward. For god sake, Roger has lost the election as president and the last three years running as trustee. Carolyn didn’t even get enough votes in the primary to make the ballot last year!!! All these people want to do is save the jobs of their friends and family or themselves in Carolyns case.. This Village has so many more issues than saving a orivate organization. Would they fight this hard if the DQ wanted to move??? I doubt it. So at election time, remember you don’t have to vote for three on the ballot. Perhaps consider writing in a name. I would go with Bernard Punsley!!!

  8. I like Bernie says:

    Sabrina Moran, the new trustee also has ties with Silver Lake Rescue. She was nominated by Mike Decker, another trustee. We all surely need to get out and vote. Paul, and Soti for sure….

  9. Bernard Punsley says:

    Perhaps we should elect a “substitute” for Decker, you know, to “Phil in” for all the meetngs he misses. That might help provide some continuity to the board.

  10. Bernard Punsley says:

    Well, now that the locals are sponsoring a fund raiser to help out the Silver Lake Rescue Squad, they’ll have even more dough to add to their “mountain of cash”. How ironic Silver Lake FD is the entity facing manpower/funding issues, and the answer is to pour even more money into the Rescue Squad’s coffers! Remember all the scrutiny SLFD had to undergo with their “street dance fundraiser”? Village attorney INCORRECTLY asserted it was illegal for SLFD to raise funds. Either way, SLFD is ALWAYS accountable to the Village Board, SLRS is NOT!

  11. Do they realize says:

    Do all these people related to or used to work with the rescue squad realize that they have to recuse themselves when voting for anything to do with the rescue squad? I think we have 2 real candidates….I only see 2 that I will vote for.

  12. @who is Janet says:

    Janet Brager has never been a member of Silver Lake Rescue. I hope it’s not too much to ask for you to get your facts straight in the future.

  13. Bernard Punsley says:

    To quote Gomer Pyle….”Shazaammmmm….golly” What a relief to know that Silver Lake Rescue Squad is not out promoting candidates that will carry out their agenda. Ya gotta admit, for awhile, it certainly appeared that way. My sincere hope is that all of the folks running for office will try to address all of the problems that our village is facing, not just the Fire/Rescue situation. We’ve got a lot more on our plates to consider.

  14. Better with Bernie says:

    There is one undeniable fact: that Silver Lake Rescue, a private company, is looking to stack the deck by trying to be elected to the Board of Trustees. Elect them and the “one trick ponies” will certainly ensure that SLRS “survives” and that the initiative to improve both fire and rescue as well as entering into any agreements with Salem Township will quickly go away. What a shame if this “hostage situation” comes to pass. If you want your village to be run by a private corporation for personal gain then please vote for Johnson, Willkomm, Dodge or Brager. Throw Gerber and Decker into the mix too.
    Can you say Good ol’ Boys four times in a row?
    Heck, if you vote for Johnson and Willkomm we may even bring back dueling to the streets of Silver Lake with the village clerk’s husband being the first to draw, and Bryner giving the one finger salute to the winner. Or maybe just attend a board meeting and witness their antics for yourself.

  15. Voting says:

    Remember when voting, you don’t have to vote for three positions, even if they are on the ballot. I would suggest leaving it blank, or maybe even doing a write it. Lots of other options than to go back to the good old boys days. Don’t these people have anything better to do than to go harass the board about saving a private company?? Im still waiting to see if the DQ wants to move if they would fight that hard for them. Probably not!!!

  16. Pat W. says:

    @ Do they realize should remember that Mr. Snow & Decker did not bother to recuse themselves when voting on SLFD items. Maybe there should have been an ethics violation called on those votes.

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