Western Kenosha County school closings for Monday announced

At least some Western Kenosha County school districts have chosen to go ahead and cancel classes for Monday.

As of 7:40 p.m., closure announcements have been made for:

  • Bristol School.
  • Brighton School.
  • Central High School.
  • Lakewood School.
  • Paris School
  • Randall School.
  • Riverview School.
  • Salem School.
  • Trevor-Wilmot School.
  • Wilmot Union High School.
  • Providence Catholic School.
  • Western Kenosha County Special Education.
  • Wheatland Center School.

School district administrators contacted Friday said they expected to make a determination on whether to close on Sunday, depending on the forecast at that time for extremely cold weather Monday.



  1. Kim Harrison says:

    What about Tuesday.. It is supposed to still be dangerously cold that morning as well

  2. reality check? says:

    The weather on Friday was -13. No schools closed…. now because the weather will be -17 all schools are closed? That 4 degree difference must make all the difference eh?

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