Cavalenes resigns from Paris School Board

paris-signCROP-woThe following statement about the resignation of Paris School Board member Michael Cavalenes was released today by the the school district:

Paris Jt. 1 Board of Education member, Michael Cavalenes, has notified Board President, Deanna Krumm, of his resignation from the Board effectively immediately. Mr. Cavalenes was serving the third year of a three year term. The Board of Education may name a community member to serve as an interim member through this April’s election, or the Board could choose to allow the position to remain vacant until the election. The matter will be on the agenda for possible action at the January 16, 2014 Board meeting. District Administrator, Roger Gahart stated, “On behalf of the Paris School community, we thank Mike for his hard work, time, and dedication in serving our district.”



  1. James says:

    Hope he’s running for Town Board!!!

  2. nothing new to see here says:

    I hope so. Time for one of the two to move to chairman and then Mike can step in. Bye Gentz! Maybe no more 3-0 votes on everything??????

  3. James says:

    Are you kidding me? I’m not sure either of the other two are any more or less trustworthy than Gentz! I’d say a whole new board in 2015 would be the best thing the Town could get. Maybe then we’d start using the 21 million in the bank for the residents as it was meant to be used. They keep talking about “negotiating” with the City of Kenosha. However, if anyone were to actually ASK someone from the City of Kenosha, you’d find out as I did – there are NO negotiations even being considered. I think Mike would make a very transparent board member – that’s what the town needs. He may not say what people want him to say, but, at least he says the truth.

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