Sabrina Moran appointed to Silver Lake Village Board

silver-lake-VHSabrina Moran was appointed Wednesday to fill the remainder of a seat on the Silver Lake Village Board.

Moran will fill out the term of Barbara Ironside, who resigned in October. That term will end in April 2015.

Moran was one of five people who submitted a letter saying they were interested in the job. The others were:

  • Joy Corona.
  • Roger Johnson.
  • Carolyn Dodge.
  • Bernard Punsley.

Village President Sue Gerber said Punsley should not receive further consideration because she understood it to be an assumed name for a frequent commenter on and social media sites. “I can only assume that was a joke,” Gerber said.

Moran and Johnson were at the meeting.

The 4 to 2 vote (Trustees Patrick Dunn and Cyndy Schwebke voting no) that appointed Moran came after an earlier motion by Trustee Soti Wilber to appoint Corona failed when it ended in a 3 to 3 tie (Trustee Michael Decker, Schwebke, Gerber voting no).

In making the follow-up motion to appoint Moran, Decker said he did not like that Corona — whose nomination by Dunn was soundly defeated on Dec. 4 before the board opted to solicit letters of interest — had never been known to attend a Silver Lake Village Board meeting.

“Sabrina’s here,” Decker said. “I think she cares. I think she wants to help out …  I could not support that last motion.”





  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Mike Decker chastising a candidate for “never been known to attend a Silver Lake Village Board meeting”. Now ain’t THAT the “pot calling the kettle black”.
    Given Decker’s attendance record, that is hilarious. And I am honored have been nominated, though I must graciously decline.

  2. I like Bernie says:

    Bernie is no joke. He has some great ideas on how to move the village into the present.The loudmouth in back should be banned from any further meetings. He was acting in a threatening manor, and should of been removed. Sue should of ask for the police to intervene.

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    I like myself too! I personally did not feel that threatened by the loudmouth buffoon in the back of the room, that’s where most of the whining and snivelling comes from. Why should dignity and decorum have any place at a village public meeting? If you’ve ever attended a meeting where Silver Lake Rescue Squad members(most of them who do not LIVE or VOTE in our village)pack a meeting, you’d be used to the “wailing and gnashing of teeth” that comes from the back of the room. While I am flattered by the nomination, I think I can serve my community much more effectively in this forum. I shall continue to attend meetings and monitor the pulse of this community, and report as I see fit, to the chagrin of many!@ Bernard

  4. I like Bernie says:

    The Loudmouth called Mr. Dunn out. Lets go outside…Is that not a threat? Sue should of had him tossed after that for sure. Is there not a law against threatening a public official? If these people can’t act civil, stay the hell away.

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    Well SURE it was a threat. But the SLPD was probably too busy patrolling giving out speeding and parking tickets! It was an unfortunate incident, but one I’ve come to expect as the “whiners and snivellers” become more aggressive. Most of the time when I am sitting in the audience, I feel like I have a big target painted on my back!!! Fortunately, most of them can’t see the small smirk on my face as I listen to the wailing.

  6. Amazing!!! says:

    It truly amazes me that Sue does nothing to those people. But I am sure that because she continues to claim she cannot hear, she didn’t hear any of that conversation. But she has no problem throwing out accusations to the board members that they are doing stuff behind everyone’s back. How could a motion have been drawn up ahead of time when they didn’t even know who was going to submit letters. They were opened AT THE MEETING!!! What a bunch of idiots. And I am sure now that this whole vacant position issue is over, the loud mouths in the back with start up again spouting off any chance they get. They cannot maintain being civil this long. And I find it kind of funny that they last two outburst from the audience have come from her friends and even her own daughter. She can’t even control them, how is she suppose to take charge and run the Village???

  7. Feral Cat of Silverlake says:

    OH MY!!!! Many conversations were discussed while waiting to be seated for
    dinner at the Stage Stop last night. Sounds like Sabrina has stepped into a scene from GUNSMOKE. Mike Faber (Library Committee Member) and also the husband to Terry Faber (Village Clerk – Treasurer) wanting to fight Trustee Pat Dunn. WOW!!!!!! Trustee Dunn requested to have Mike Faber removed from the public meeting and Sue Gerber DENIES!!!!! Jeff Albrecht would have never let that type of behavior take place. Sue Gerber has shown the people her true talent, from ethics violations in the spring to complete loosing control of the Village now! The Ice Trail will soon be renamed to the Trail of Tears as forced relocation will be the result of poor leadership.

  8. Bernard Punsley says:

    Ya kin jis hear Chester saying ‘Marshall Dillion, Marshall Dillion”. Sheriff Sue lost control of the proceedings almost immediately after taking office, and things have continued to slide downward. Seems like there’s a new board member sitting up front just about every month, even when Mike Decker decides to show up. But the board continues to flounder, Sue has been a “lame duck” “leader” from Day One! SLRS should continue their efforts to “railroad” the board into oblivion. Sabrina probably hasn’t figured it out yet…she wont’ be able to vote on any monetary issues affecting SLRS, since she is a member. Ala Sue. Guess the whining wizards across the tracks didn’t think of that political “ooops”! Where are you gonna get free entertainment like this? And Sue wanted to cut back on the monthly meetings to “save money”. I say, start charging admission fees.
    “Ladies and gentlemen…….in this corner, wearing the red Silver Lake Rescue Squad boxing trunks…Mike Faber”………in this corner…………you get the picture. A 3 ringed circus better than anything Barnum & Bailey could ever produce!!!

  9. SLFD should be for volunteers only says:

    West of the I editors,
    Do you in fact know who the man in back was? Did you verify it with him? Can you verify what he said exactly? If not you are just cherry picking comments. I’ve claimed to know who Bernard is but you won’t post that. This site is as one sided as Fox News! You allow the slander of the people of your choosing in the comments. When people attempted to tell the news of what barb Ironside actually was in trouble for you wouldn’t let that be posted because it wasn’t verified. So can you in fact verify these claims?

    1. @SLFD should be for volunteers only: A comment would not be rejected for guessing who another commenter is. Others have said who they think Bernard Punsley is. Take your shot. I do want to repeat that I do not know who Bernard is. The only ID I have is an email address, so I can communicate with them if necessary. Only that person, and anyone they have confided in, really knows who that commenter is.
      As for verifying info from the meeting you refer to, I was at the meeting.

  10. Todd A. says:

    The real whining and separation comes from Bernard and his followers. Bernard you once said your household income is no where close to $72000. Maybe if you spent a little more time working and a little less time on west of the I you and your followers could match your money with your tastes. The real problems in silver lake come from the ones who fleed Illinois and there high taxes to move over the border. All you’ve done is brought the same problems with you. You don’t understand community pride or respect. You probably weren’t even around for the days the SLFD was a true volunteer fire department. The days of bob gerber the Clarks the zilmers and many more who spent countless free hours making the department a place respected by the community and working with the rescue squad not fighting with them to serve the community! This still happens in many villages in wisconsin unfortunately the new people of silver lake feel an entitlement when they haven’t put in the time. Champaign taste with beer money!

  11. Bernard Punsley says:

    Step right up folks…the show continues. Anybody who was at the meeting heard what “the man in the back of the room” said, and just about everyone there knows who he is! In response to “Todd A”(good monniker….you folks lambast “Bernard” for hiding behind a name and you hide behind this one?)..this is not 1957 any more. While all of those folks you mentioned dedicated many years of service to their community…it’s time to face reality. SLFD cannot get a fire truck out the door during the day with 3 firefighters on it, WHY NOT? How many firefighters work in the village during the day? If they do, does their employer allow them to leave work to respond to calls? Smaller communities across the country face these same problems. Most folks are oblivious to this fact….they just think when they dial 9-1-1, the fire truck will show up! I’ll ask you this “Todd”….is the SLPD “volunteer”? Is the SLRS “volunteer”. Is the Silver Lake Public Works “Volunteer”? Is the village clerk “volunteer”? How about the Village President or the Board members..are they “volunteer”? Why do folks expect the firefighters to “volunteer”? And then turn around and SLAM THEM every chance they get? Emergency Services in Silver Lake are at a dangerous threshold. Those bad folks from the Ad Hoc committee recognized that a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg time ago. The “ostrich approach” that permeates village thinking continues to prevail(you know, stick your head in the sand and ignore the problem, it’ll go away.) One more piece of free advice to “Todd”…buy yourself a DICTIONARY, pal. Or better yet, visit your local library an borrow one. See if those folks are “volunteers”!

  12. Bernard Punsley says:

    To SLFD should be for volunteers only: Al…take a pill and chill out!!! I shall continue to monitor the pulse of this village and report accordingly, to the chagrin of many! Stay tuned. Bernard

  13. Bernard Punsley says:

    While we are on the subject of “Volunteers”….the Ad Hoc Committee members(rembember those evil folks?) were all “volunteers” who received no pay for their efforts, nor sought any. They merely sought to put their years of experience in a variety of fire & rescue service organizations to good use to try and address the problems that the village was facing. To say they got blown out of the water and lambasted at every opportunity would be the understatement of the year. They provided options that professional consults would have charged thousands of dollars for! For all the SLRS folks reading this, how much do you think your organization spent on legal counsel to try and railroad the Ad Hoc committee? Or perhaps your attorney “volunteered” his professional services?

  14. Bernard Punsley says:

    It is refreshing to see that the Faber folks have embraced the concept of combining the Village of Silver Lake with the Town of Salem. They realize this is a “win-win” for everyone. As painful as it might be for some of us “old timers”, I think in the long run, our new “town” will be stronger than ever. And once folks see the reduced tax structure, the arguments against consolidation will begin to wane. I would urge my fellow citizens to at least embrace the concept of consolidation, and at least let our elected representatives study the pros and cons. The old “ostrich approach”, ala Decker and Gerber, to this proposal does a disservice to all of us!

  15. Bernard Punsley says:

    The “legend of Bernard Punsley” lives on!!!!! My “legacy” made the Kenosha News today! For all those folks hoping I might go away, nominating me to the open position on the Village Board did just the opposite! Upon further reflection, perhaps I should have accepted the nomination! But alas, I believe I can serve my constituency more effectively in my current role. I shall continue to monitor the pulse of our village and report as I see fit, to the chagrin of many! I remain, respectfully…”Bernard”.

  16. Bernard Punsley says:

    To my doubters…..I am like the Yeti….there are those who claim that they have seen me, but they have no proof, except for my footsprints in the snow leading out of the village meeting hall over to Uncle George’s, and my prose in the paper and website. It is all done with smoke and mirrors. He’s here….he’s gone…..or is he?

  17. I Like Bernie says:

    Silver Lake Fire could not respond to the fire in Waterford, because the tanker is out for service…Does that mean Silver Lake has to call for a tanker if we have a fire? All the more reason to join all the fire departments in the county as one. Charge every county property, ( including not for profits) for fire and rescue, and put a crew at each one. As a county we can afford this, as a village we can not. With that said, Salem, Trevor, and Wilmot have the head start. Hopefully Silver Lake too…And for Todd, You may think we are new comers, but we have as much right as you do.

  18. Chief McFarlane says:

    I like bernie; just because SLFD tanker was out of service doesn’ t mean the FD is out of service. For one, we have two engines with 1250 gallons of water and an agreement withRandall, Wheatland and Salem to be dispatched at the same time SLFD is dispatched to a confirmed fire, this is called an AUTOMATIC RESPONSE AGREEMENT. This ensures added resources are there asap to assist in stabilizing the situation. Thi s works and has for many years. This also works in EMS, Walworth county uses a tiered response to ensure that proper EMS care is on scene as soon as it can. Please, if you have concerns with your fire department, I have an application on my desk waiting for you.

  19. West of the I Editor says:

    Why is it that you state you were at the meeting, yet you do not post the pertinant information about the outbreak of Mike Faber, husband to our Clerk and friend of the “good old boys”?? The info that gets reported seems to only identify certain individuals on the board and their issues. But something as big as this, where Mike supposedly threatened a trustee, a public official, in an open meeting and there is nothing posted.

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