Sheriff’s deputies bring Shop with a Cop experience to area children

kcsd-doorThe Kenosha County Deputy Sheriff’s Association hosted its annual “Shop with a Cop” event Saturday.

From a press release from Detective Tim Hackbarth, coordinator of the event:

The KCDSA is made up of Deputy Sheriff’s and Detectives employed by the sheriff’s department. During this event, students have a chance to interact with detectives and deputies to see firsthand the great men and women who work for the Sheriff’s Department while getting to know them on a personal level. There were 24 students selected from schools in Kenosha County, and another six kids selected by the deputies that work patrol. These lucky students will be paired up with a member of the KCDSA, who will escort them through the store, while they buy Christmas gifts for their families and themselves. The students that are selected are very deserving of this reward. These students are selected due to their special performances in school and interactions with fellow students and the community at large. Each of these students is awarded with a certificate and letter to commemorate the event. This event has been sponsored by the KCDSA since 1992, and has been blessed to have the support of the local Target store since they opened here in 1994. The KCDSA provides each of the students selected, with a minimum of $100 to spend on Christmas gifts, (every year this total is much higher due to private donations for this event). They also receive a $100 gift card to be used on groceries at Woodman’s. This money comes from KCDSA fund raising and Association dues. The event has also been blessed by private donations which add to the shopping spree that the kids receive. These donations come from various people and organizations. Some of these are: TG3 Electronics, Junker Ball VFW Post, Kenosha Area Vietnam Vets, and MFG Manufacturing.  There are also are various private individual donations that are made that enhance this event every year. These people have giant hearts, but do not want any public praise for what they do. I thank every one of them for their help. Lincoln Middle School has always sent a crew to help with wrapping the gifts, so they are ready to go for Christmas. Target has generously donated the wrapping supplies used by the Lincoln Middle School students to wrap the gifts. Target also provides the KCDSA with a 10% discount at the register to help each and every student get the most out of their money. I can never thank Target and its employees enough for their generosity and assistance in making this event what it is. The students are allowed to buy anything they want with their money, however the Deputies and Detectives act as a “filter” to make sure the parents will agree with the purchases. The money provided to the students is for them to spend on themselves. It becomes very clear why these students have been picked for this award. Even though the money is theirs to spend on themselves, every year these students are seen spending their money on their others. I have seen them buy gifts for their parents, siblings, teachers, and others before they buy gifts for themselves. Santa also makes an appearance during this event and gives each student a bag of candy and listens to their Christmas wishes. The Kenosha County Deputy Sheriff’s Association would like to thank the Target staff and all those who have donated time and money to make this year’s event a great success.

This event is solely sponsored by the KCDSA and is not an event of the Sheriff’s Department per se. That being said, Sheriff David Beth has always been a proud supporter of this event since the time he was a deputy. “Shop with a Cop is great event for the community and shows the kindness giving hearts of our men and women in uniform,” Sheriff Beth said.

A gallery of photos from the event is available here at the Sheriff’s Department Facebook page.


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