Kenosha casino decision “months away” says Gov.

Gov. Scott Walker says that a decision on the Menominee Tribal casino is “months away,” reported today.

The casino, which its backers say would create 5,000 permanent and temporary jobs, only awaits a decision by the governor to move forward.

Salem and Randall have passed resolutions supporting the casino. State Rep. Samantha Kerkman also has urged Walker to approve the project.



  1. rob says:

    keep the bad away or just simply give them a caberey liscense and make trouble for all of us,, remember people gambling is a sin if we still consider sins as a part of life

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    Rob….your holy highness shines through…..what religion do you profess that allows you to describe a human being as “bad”? If you so fervently believe that gambling is a sin, take a good look at your property tax bill, and note the “lottery/gambling credit” that is listed on it. Mine was over $100. It comes from the sale of lottery tickets….you know, that all those “bad people” purchase. I’m certain you’ll be returning that tainted money back to the state, right?

  3. Gambler says:


    the guy in the sky would suggest you read Luke 6:37…

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