Missing pets: Orange, male tabby cat from Trevor

An orange, male tabby cat is missing from a home near Highway JF and Antioch Road (Highway 83) in Trevor. He may be wearing a blue collar with white hearts. His owners are hoping someone has offered him a warm place to stay while waiting to find his home. Call : 262-862-7613 if you have any imformation about this cat’s whereabouts.

UPDATE — Cat found!



  1. Kathie says:

    Does he have a little white on his muzzle? I have one that showed up a few days ago.

  2. Jenn C says:

    Hi there…we live in the back of the Arboretum Woods development. An orange tabby was sitting on our front porch early Tuesday morning. He spooked when we tried to open the door and ran away. We didn’t see a collar. We will keep a sharp look out.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you Kathie… but no he is all Orange.

    GOOD NEWS… Thanks to West of the I… Jennifer Cain saw this post and called us. She had spotted him in Arboratum Woods and was hanging out in another neighbors window well. Thank you SOOO much! You have made one little girl VERY happy!!!

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