Next Salem-Silver Lake joint meeting postponned

salem town logosilver-lake-VHThe Salem Town Board and Silver Lake Village Board were set to meet again on Dec. 10 to discuss sharing fire and rescue  — and perhaps other — services.

But that timeframe has been derailed by busy schedules.

Silver Lake village President Sue Gerber said at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting that Salem town Chairman Diann Tesar cannot make the Dec. 10 date, but would like to attend the next meeting. Tesar is not available that week and Gerber is not available the next week.

Therefore, Gerber proposed resuming the process after the first of the year.

There wasn’t much discussion of the situation, but at least one trustee expressed some skepticism.

“I just think it’s stall tactics,” Trustee Pat Dunn said.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Well if it interferes with Tuesday night card draw at Uncle George’s, it will have to be rescheduled. You can bet Sue and her minions will draaaaaaagggggg this issue out as loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg as they can. After this weekend’s freeze, the “Save Silver Lake Rescue Squad” yard signs will just about be impossible to stick in the ground without bending the metal support brackets………….so better get em in pronto! The BIG difference this time around is that the Salem Town Board is DEFINITELY interested in studying the various issues. I think they realize the potential advantages that might be gained. They are at least CONSIDERING the options, something they were not too keen on last time when “the whiners” were trying to de-rail the process. Kind of like Barney Rubble having to put both feet down on the ground real hard to stop his prehistoric automobile…..Sue better have some real thick soled boots!!!!!!!!!! Can you smell rubber burning? Call Silver Lake Fire…they’ll do their best to try and get a rig out the door, but the roadblocks Sue & her rescue cronies keep tossing in front of them might delay the response!

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    I stopped by the Silver Lake Fire Department this week and talked with several of the firefighters. They are positive and upbeat that the proposed merging of services with Salem Fire & Rescue is being considered. It will make both departments stronger and provide upgraded services to Silver Lake. Unlike some folks “across the tracks”, Fire is willing “step up to the plate” and do what is needed to resolve the issues facing them. While SLRS once was a key component in the survival of SLFD, that no longer is the case. There’s a new sheriff in town, time to saddle up our horse and ride.

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