Change to Silver Lake Village Board meeting structure fails

silver-lake-VHAn ordinance that would have changed the meeting structure of the Silver Lake Village Board was soundly defeated Wednesday night.

Village President Sue Gerber had proposed the change to having one Committee of the Whole Meeting a month (on the first Wednesday) and a one regular meeting where action can be taken. Gerber said she made the proposal as a way to improve communication and save money. Trustees are paid $10 for committee meetings and $50 for regular board meetings. Gerber has estimated that the change could save the village about $7,000 a year.

During discussion of the ordinance before the vote, Trustee Sotiria Wilber asked Gerber to also take a decrease in pay. Unlike trustees, the village president is paid a set $2,400 ($200/month). The president also is paid an additional $10 per committee meetings, but nothing for attending regular meetings.

During citizens comments, former village President Jeff Albrecht urged the board not to change the meeting arrangement. He said having only one regular board meeting per month would be restrictive for the board and limit citizens comments as well (comments are typically not taken during committee meetings in Silver Lake). As for the cost savings, he said Silver Lake trustees, who do not have an administrator to rely on, deserve at least the current pay and perhaps an increase.

“I ask you to consider the ramifications,” Albrecht said.

Gerber was the only vote in favor of the change. Trustee Michael Decker was absent.

We asked via email all board members who voted against the measure why they voted no. Here are the responses we received as of 2:27 p.m., Thursday:

Trustee Patrick Dunn: “I don’t feel that we can get all that we need to accomplish done in just one meeting a month.”

Trustee Sotiria Wilber: “I only voted no until we could come to an agreement with Sue’s salary like I stated in the meeting.  I am not opposed to trying it out to see if it will work out for us.”



  1. Not interested? says:

    Mike Decker should resign if he can’t make the meetings time and time again.

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    Once again, the “lame duck” village president gets shot down!!! The beat goes on. And Mr. Albrecht is correct in his assessment that the board members and president deserve the salaries they are paid and should receive more for their efforts. Did I read the article right…..Mike Decker absent?

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    Sue wants to save money? How much do we pay the village “attorney” for legal advice? We can get it “free” from Terry Faber! And look at how much money we are saving by not having to pay Mike Decker to show up! Add that on to the amount we hacked the fire department’s budget, and we should be rolling in the dough!!!!

  4. robert says:

    I say can them all! And then ask some high school students to vollunteer they will get this job done free and honest,no cry babies and I know you would have a better chance of them atleast showing up “free”

  5. Not interested? says:

    I say dissolve the whole village government and send it all to Salem.

  6. Not interested? says:

    And now you know the rest of the story! Lol!

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