Silver Lake will accept letters of interest from prospective trustee candidates

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board will accept letters of interest from people interested in filling the trustee seat vacated by Barbara Ironside.

The board unanimously decided to accept letters of interest at the regular Village Board meeting Wednesday night. Trustee Michael Decker was absent.

The motion to accept letters was made after a failed attempt by Trustee Pat Dunn to nominate Joy Corona to fill the vacancy. Dunn said Corona was qualified for the position due to her background as a civil engineer. She was no in attendance at the meeting.

“She has experience working with villages and village governments,” Dunn said.

But Dunn’s motion was defeated with his vote being the only one in favor.

Trustee Sotiria Wilber then motioned to accept the letters and have them opened at the next Village Board meeting on Dec. 18. That motion passed unanimously.

Earlier in the meeting, Wilber challenged the assertion made last month by village Clerk/Treasurer Terry Faber that there was not enough time to appoint a trustee and that instead the seat would have to be filled with a special election held in conjunction with the April election. On Wednesday, Faber acknowledged that the timeline for an appointment to avoid the special election is Dec. 31.

Filling board vacancies on the board has been controversial this year. Current village procedure calls for the president to make a suggestion for the seat and then the board to vote.

Following the April election, Wilber was appointed to fill Sue Gerber’s seat when Gerber, a sitting trustee, won the village president race. Gerber recommended the next highest vote getter in the April election receive the appointment, but that idea found no support on the board and Wilber was approved by a 4 to 1 vote with Gerber voting against and Ironside abstaining, but not stating her reason for abstaining. Wilber had received the least votes of six candidates for trustee in the April election.

Then in May, Trustee David Snow announced he was resigning due to conflicts between his trustee duties and those of a new job. The village solicited letters from interested individuals and received five. One of the five, Paul Snellen, was appointed by a 4 to 2 vote in July, with Gerber and Ironside voting no.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    The circus continues! RingMaster Sue is gonna need a longer bullwhip! Terry Faber is now providing legal advice(incorrect information, I should add) in place of our distinguished lawyer? Sue’s jaws were wired pretty tightly last night….things were not exactly going her way! Mike Decker was once again “Missing In Action”. Nothing new there. It sounds like Joy Corona would be an asset to our village, but I believe the selection process that we currently have in place should be followed. The dismantling of the fire department budget indicates to me that merging our Fire & Rescue services with Salem Fire & Rescue is not only prudent, but IMMINENT. Of course, Sue will string it out as long as she can. Can’t have any meetings that would interfere with “Tuesday Night Card Draw”! I still think I’m gonna set up a popcorn machine outside the village hall. The free entertainment provided at the public meetings can’t be found anywhere else! I do enjoy attending.

  2. I wasn't there says:

    so can someone tell me how a motion by Pat Dunn only got one vote. If Dunn made a motion, then it needed a second to be voted on. Who seconded it and then voted against it?

  3. Love Popcorn says:

    Will popcorn be free? I think Mr. Jeff needs to jump back in…Seems to be no getting along with the current village head. We need shared services.

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    Well, no..the popcorn wouldn’t be “free”..that would be “an entitlement””! But it would be reasonably priced. Given the value of the entertainment going on inside the meeting room, it would be a good deal. Perhaps we could “draft” Jeff? Maybe
    “uncoup” the previous coup? Perhaps we should check with Rescue first.

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