Wilmot’s AcaDec team posts 2nd highest score in state at Locals

Note: The following was submitted by Wilmot Union High School Academic Decathlon  Coach Donald Serkowski. — DH.

Wilmot’s AcaDec team posted the 2nd highest score in Wisconsin at Locals, which despite its name gives a very accurate picture of all the competitors statewide. The Panthers have done this in years past, but what’s different is that they are significantly closer to the first place team. Typically the front runners have been anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 points ahead of teams from Wilmot at this point in the multi-tiered competition. This year the Panthers are within 600 points of state leading and perennial power Waukesha West. Despite this less intimidating gap, the team will have to fight hard to earn a state championship and knows that no one, especially West, is going to give it away.

There were some incredible individual efforts to vault the Panthers up to this unprecedented position.

Senior Katie O’Brien scored the most points of any decathlete statewide. It is the first time any student from Wilmot has led the state in overall scoring at Locals. She was the outright leader in the state in Music, she tied for the highest scores statewide in Lang & Lit, Science, and Social Science, and tied for 3rd in the state in both Art and Economics. Katie earned six out of six possible ribbons within CESA #2; 3 blues, 1 red, and 2 whites.

Junior Lauren McCluskey is currently third among all decathletes statewide rounding out Wilmot’s best one-two punch in school history. Lauren tied for 1st in state in Science and Social Science, she also tied for 2nd in Music and 3rd in Art statewide. She earned four ribbons within her CESA; 1 blue, 1 red, and 2 whites.

Sophomore Carlie Banchi was fifth or sixth in state scoring. She tied for the 2nd highest score in the state on the Music test. Carlie also netted two CESA #2 ribbons, 1 red and 1 white.

Fellow sophomore Carl Simmons, who would have made any other team in Wisconsin, put up the highest test score in the entire state on any test. Carl scored 960 out of a possible 1,000 on the Art test, which is the highest score any Wilmot decathlete has scored on any single test over the past 12 years. He was also third in the state on the Science and Social Science tests.

Senior Savannah Rivers is currently the 2nd highest scorer in the Varsity Division statewide. She scored third highest in the state among all competitors on the Lang and Lit test and tied for third on the Art test statewide. She collected 2 CESA #2 ribbons, 1red and 1white.

Senior Arie Deeter was the overall top scorer in CESA #2 in the Scholastic Division, followed very closely by her teammates Johny Weber (junior) and Neil Driscoll (senior) who finished second and third respectively.

Wilmot’s two remaining decathletes are senior Carter Dybing and sophomore Quinten Bunch, both in the Varsity Division.

Wilmot’s next competition is the Regional event which will take place on Jan. 10 between 60 teams at 5 different locations throughout Wisconsin. It will then be on to the state competition held in the Wisconsin Dells on March 13-14. There the Panthers will finally go head-to-head with Waukesha West in its bid to make school history.

This year’s overall theme is WWI.


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