Silver Lake must fill trustee seat with election, says clerk

Ballot BoxSilver Lake has surpassed the amount of time in which it could have appointed a person to fill out the remainder of resigned Trustee Barbara Ironside’s term, village clerk/treasurer Terry Faber said Wednesday.

The time crunch is because a special election, in order to be held in conjunction with the regular spring election cycle, requires legal notices to be filed soon. The board’s last scheduled meeting other than a budget hearing Nov. 27, was Wednesday. Candidates for the April election can begin circulating nomination petitions Dec. 1.

The board has had the appointment on two earlier Committee of the Whole meeting agendas, but it was not discussed at those meetings.



  1. Really??? says:

    I really would like to know why Terry is even speaking at these meetings. Is she not suppose to attend to only take minutes and IF she is asked a question to answer it??? And besides that, she didn’t even tell the whole truth about the deadlines. From what was reported, they have until 31 Dec to put out a special election notice. That still would NOT prevent them from appointing someone, even after that timeframe!!! She needs to go too with the rest of the good old boys group!!! Its obvious where her loyalties are.

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    “Good Ol’ Boys” group in Silver Lake? Say it ain’t so!!!!!!! I thought we paid an attorney to provide legal counsel to our board. If Terry can do it for free, look at all the money we’ll save. Who cares if her information is incorrect? We have a system in place for filling open board seats, much to the chagrin of our sitting village president. And to quote the Republican flavor of our village “It’s Working”!

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