Paris trims back its share of property owners county tax to 75%

Paris property owners will pay 5 percent more of their county tax in 2014, as a result of the town budget passed by the Paris Town Board Tuesday.

In past years, the town has paid 100 percent of property owners county taxes. In 2013, the town paid 80 percent and property owners 20 percent of their county taxes.

town-of-paris-logoFor 2014, the town will pay 75 percent and property owners 25 percent of their county taxes.

The change will result in the town paying about $100,000 total less toward county taxes, according to documents available at the meeting.

Town Board members said the move is necessary to narrow the budget deficit the town typically operates under in recent years.

Due to revenues received for years from the Waste Management Pheasant Run landfill, the town levys no town tax.

Another change in the budget is anticipated increased revenue from ambulance fees — from $5,000 in the 2013 budget to $15,000 in the 2014 budget.

Some of this increase is due to the town anticipating beginning to charge residents for ambulance service. Town attorney Tim Pruitt said the town’s new fee collection firm said not charging residents, as is current practice, is problematic as it is inconsistent.

“I don’t think anyone is too happy about that,” said Chairman Virgil Gentz.

Fire Chief Roland Iwen said a typical charge for basic medical transport is $450; advanced transport starts at about $650. Typically those charges are paid by insurance companies.

The budget was passed unanimously by the Town Board.

Here is a copy of the budget presented at the meeting.



  1. James says:

    Looking over the budget, does the Town really think they’re going to get $350,000.00 in interest when in 2013 they only received $8600? What kind of calculations did they use??
    Charging the residents for ambulance service? Wow!

  2. resident says:

    I was one of the original members of the fire department, and one of the factors to putting up the building, back in the 80’s, was that we promised the people of the town that we would never charge people that live in the town for rescue or fire calls. Mr. Gentz was a member of the department at that time, as was his wife. If they decide to charge people now, what does that say about their integrity?

  3. nothing new to see here says:

    It says a lot. Gentz has always talked out of both sides of his mouth. (Without ever really saying anything usually.)

  4. James says:

    Hey – in looking at the budget, fire department salaries jumped as well. Maybe THAT’S why they’re going to charge us more? If that’s the reason to start charging us, I guess I don’t really mind, but, they should say something then – why do they try to hide everything? When people get increases then SAY something! I’ll have to ask that one tonight at the meeting. It’s not anywhere in the westofthei, but, the Town is having a meeting tonight to talk about charging the residents. I think if we fill the town hall with irritated residents, they might reconsider. Although – THAT didn’t work out for us last year with the tax payments did it. I have a feeling their decision will be cut, dried, baled and put in the barn before the meeting even starts, much like their decision to only pay 75% of the taxes. I’ve been to meetings lately and they never even discussed it in public. Where the heck are they holding their private meetings?

  5. Nothing new to see here says:

    They have a lot of private meetings that are not legal. Two of the three are all about secrecy. I have been confronted after a meeting for bringing an issue up in the open comments. Fact: I have seen the “board” at Tin Cup after meetings before. Imagine that.

  6. James says:

    And Gentz is being “honored” for 35 years of service, why???

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