Salem and Silver Lake to hold joint meeting on municipal services

silver-lake-VHtown-of-salem-sign-webThe Salem Town Board and Silver Lake Village Board will hold a joint meeting on Monday to discuss shared municipal services.

The meeting will start at 6 p.m. and be held at Salem Town Hall, 9814 Antioch Road (Highway 83).

The Silver Lake Village Board voted in September to open negotiations with Salem about possibly sharing fire and rescue services — and maybe more.

That motion was made by Silver Lake Trustee Barb Ironside, who has subsequently resigned her trustee seat. Silver Lake President Sure Gerber was the only vote against talking with Salem.



  1. ABOUT TIME says:

    Let the games begin.

  2. Try This says:

    Everybody sits down. Silver Lake board says they want to decertify the Village status and be absorbed by Salem. Chief Slover figures in some overtime and everybody goes home. Shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

    Then Salem increases the board to 7 Supervisors. Three ‘MUST’ have a Salem Zip Code, Silver Lake gets two and Trevor and Wilmot each get one. If Paddock Lake wants to join later, they get two.

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    One important consideration here…the Silver Lake Village Board voted to open up this line of communication with the Town of Salem. While folks on both sides of the issue from both communities may have strong opinions on what should or should not be done, I think it behooves both Boards to at least LOOK at some of the options that may be feasible. While Salem definitely provides the “lion’s share” of services, they may do well to consolidate with Silver Lake, who has many assets to offer. Those folks who so adamantly oppose the mere idea of the 2 communites sitting down to “discuss” issues, are guilty of the “ostrich syndrome”….you know…stick your head in the sand…the problems will go away.
    This is a step in the right direction for BOTH communities.

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    I think “TRY THIS” is on to something! No matter what…..both goverment entities own it to their respective constituents to at least “think outside the box”. Yeah…lame terminology..I know…but it fits! Nobody’s looking to re-invent the wheel here…..Silver Lake has some serious financial/logistical problems facing them, Salem has the capacity to absorb some of that and minimize future costs to the town of Salem….eg. build a new fire station at highway 50 & B. Everyone take off their “I’m In Charge” hats…. for a few minutes, sit down at the table and listen respectfully to both sides discuss the issues…who knows what might happen. The winds of progress are slowly blowing through our respective communities…that is most refreshing!

  5. Silver Lake residents says:

    Silver Lake electors who want to decertify might have to act as the Trustees certainly wont. Petition for a binding resolution by the electorate in accordance with statutes to negate the village status and to return to town status on a Spring ballot should be occuring now. Punsley talks a lot on this. Has he got a petition in the works? Where can people sign it? It wouldnt be a question then of what the town would do. They’d have to accept the unincorporated areas into their jurisdiction. Any discussion now between the two only attempts to protect some of the village assets. The town however, has to wonder if in fact there are any assets or all liabilities.

  6. TRY THIS says:

    Why do you think that the board MUST become 7 if there is a change? or that the board must be composed of specific representatives? If such a change were to occur, interested Silver Lake area electors would have to step to the plate and run for office. Let the best person win. Once no longer a village, Silver Lake would have to accept being part of the group, not a special entity. I do have to laugh at the division of representation stated above!

    I am guessing that “try this” doest realize that all in the Village of Paddock Lake have a zp code of SALEM 53168. Postal Districts are not a a good measure of anything except for mail collection and delivery.

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