Strong wind contributes to fatal motorcycle crash in Randall

Strong wind contributed to a fatal motorcycle crash in Randall today:

From the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department:

On 11-09-13 at 1422 hours Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputies responded with Randall Fire, Twin Lakes Fire and Twin Lakes Rescue to the scene of a very serious Motorcycle Crash. The driver of the Motorcycle was later pronounced dead at Burlington Hospital. A group of four motorcycles were Eastbound on CTH F / Bassett Road in the Town of Randall. In the 32000 block of CTH F, one of the operators, Joseph F. Fox (51 years old, Village of Bristol resident), lost control of his Harley Davidson motorcycle due to a strong gust of wind. The driver was ejected from his motorcycle and sustained severe head injuries. He was not wearing a helmet. The motorcycle went into the ditch, but returned to the road striking one of the other motorcycles. That motorcycle was being operated by Fox’s daughter, Chelsea J. Fox (23 years old, Kenosha resident). She sustained a leg injury. Joseph Fox was transported to Burlington Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Chelsea Fox was also transported to Burlington Hospital for treatment of her injury. All witness accounts confirm that this crash was due to loss of control caused by the strong wind gust. No other factors are suspected.



  1. Matt says:

    All motorcyclists should be required to wear helmets!! People driving cars and trucks get tickets for not wearing seatbelts!

  2. tired of senseless deaths says:

    Lost my dad almost 2 years ago!if he had his helmet on he would still be here to see his grandchildren grow up.sorry for your loss.

  3. Why, Why, Why says:

    Why were any motorcycles out on this day? When it is that windy what do they expect. Sure they are exposed to the wind when ever they are riding but with gust over 30mph its a wonder there were only two accidents. Today (Sunday) was a much better day to ride. Helmets or no helmets, they shouldn’t have been out at all.

  4. Rob says:

    I ride a motorcycle and yes the wind gusts where bad and it’s unfortunate that this happened. I all wise wear a helmet and I wear my seat belt, but I think it should be my choice not someone else foreseeing me to do it. To the exception of children. To the Fox Family Sorry for your loss.

  5. Debbie Karczewski says:

    Our deepest sympathy goes out to your Family. A good guy whose life has been cut short. Love is eternal .. he will forever be a star in the sky; Joe brought alot of good memories & help to many people. He will be long remembered. warmest regards, The George Karczewski Family.. Kansasville, WI

  6. Chelsea says:

    It took me a long time to even read this article – why I did today, I’m not really sure. I do feel the need to say something though, more for closure on my part…

    For clarification’s sake – no he was not wearing a helmet. He did receive head trauma in the accident, but the brunt of his injuries were blunt force trauma to the chest. According to the doctor at Burlington Hospital, that when they see trauma of that magnitude to the chest, there is no hope of revival.

    I felt the need to say something largely because, in any motorcycle accident or fatality, the first question is whether or not the rider(s) were wearing a helmet. In my dad’s case, whether he had been wearing a helmet or not, he would not have survived his injuries. I’m not against helmets, but merely pointing out that depending on the circumstances of the accident, a helmet won’t always save a life.

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