Illness closes Trevor-Wilmot School for Friday

Trevor-Wilmot School will be closed Friday — not for the typical reason of bad weather — but for illness.

WISN is reporting that the closure was due to 70 students being absent or going home with a stomach virus.

The building will be cleaned while it is closed Friday.

UPDATE 7:11 p.m. — Here is a statement from the school on its website:

Our school has been dealing with an outbreak of stomach ailments among our students and staff. As of this afternoon, seventy-four students were sent home or kept home. Of these, fifty-three experienced symptoms of stomach virus. We have contacted Kenosha County Health Department and they have visited our school to determine what measures we should take to address the problem. We have also made arrangements with the firm which cleans our classrooms each night. They have added additional staff in order to disinfect flat surfaces such as desks and tables, commonly touched areas such as door knobs, door push bars and pencil sharpeners and computer keyboards. We are closing school tomorrow to halt the spread of whatever virus is causing this and we have a cleaning crew tonight and tomorrow to disinfect every place we can. Dousman Bus Company is also disinfecting the buses our students ride. We plan to reopen school on Monday.


One Comment

  1. WATCH your local bus stop says:

    Please watch your local bus stop….
    Make sure there are no Trevor kids waiting for a bus that will not come.
    Some, for whatever reasons, may not have the news that the school is closed.

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