Kerkman urges governor to consider new claims regarding impact of Kenosha casino on Potawatomi

/Photo by Olly Bennett via stock.xchng

/Photo by Olly Bennett via stock.xchng

A former executive of the Potawatomi Tribe has told Governor Scott Walker that the tribe’s claims of detrimental impact from the Menominee Tribal casino in proposed for Kenosha are inflated.

More on former Potawatomi CFO Kurt Schmidt claims are available here.

In reaction, state Rep. Samantha Kerkman issued a statement urging Walker to consider Schmidt’s information in his ongoing analysis of whether to approve the Kenosha casino:

“The disclosures contained in new information provided to Governor Walker by the Potawatomi’s former CFO shows that the Potawatomi have exaggerated the projected impact of a Kenosha casino in order to influence public opinion and prevent Governor Walker from approving the project. These new disclosures confirm what many of the supporters of the Menominee Hard Rock Kenosha casino have been saying for a long time – the Potawatomi will go to great lengths to maintain the status quo. Sadly, the losers will be Kenosha, Southeastern Wisconsin and the entire state if the Kenosha casino is not approved. Governor Walker has said that he is closely examining the details of the proposed project, and this new information should be at the top of his reading list. The Potawatomi tribe are trying to prevent 5,000 jobs from coming to our state. These jobs would support thousands of families and make a meaningful difference in the lives of many, many people. I respectfully urge the Governor to review these new disclosures and also suggest that he talk with the Potawatomi’s former CFO. There is too much at stake to let misinformation be the deciding factor.”


The Menominee proposal has received federal approval and now only awaits the governor’s OK. Walker has said he wants certain conditions to be met in order to approve the casino, including that all 11 tribes in Wisconsin agree with it. Two tribes, the Pottawatomie and the Ho-Chunk have said they object to the Kenosha casino.

The Salem and Randall town boards have passed resolutions supporting the casino.


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  1. Matt says:

    The people complaining (especially those in Milwaukee) need to realize that if this casino is not built in Kenosha, it will be built 5 minutes south of the border, and those from Milwaukee who oppose it, will have no say in THAT matter. Why not keep the tax dollars and construction jobs in our own state? If its gonna hurt the Potawatami, its going to hurt them more when it goes in Illinois.

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