Warmer — but wetter — weather in forecast

Graphic by Agata Urbaniak

Graphic by Agata Urbaniak

If you’ve been grumbling about the chilly temperatures of late there’s good news. Temperatures are supposed to be noticeably warmer the next couple of days.

Alas, there’s a catch. There also is a very strong chance of rain today, tonight and tomorrow.

Today’s high temp is forecast for 59, with a 30 percent chance of rain, says the National Weather Service. Then the rain should begin in earnest tonight, with a 100 percent chance of rain of up to three quarters to one inch total.

The trick or treat forecast doesn’t look ideal. Thursday’s high temperature is expected to reach 63, but there’s a 90 percent chance of rain during the day and a 50 percent chance overnight. Looks like Wheatland residents, who trick or treated on a nice weather day Sunday, got the break this year.


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