Twin Lakes trims parking spots on Main for better sight lines, business access

/Village of Twin Lakes graphic

The red lines on this map of Main Street show the parking stalls that will be eliminated./Village of Twin Lakes graphic

The Twin Lakes Village Board on Monday voted to eliminate four parking spots on Main Street to improve sight lines in one location and access to a new business in another.

The village has been barricading three parking spots on the north side of Main Street just east of the Burden Avenue intersection in order to see if it would improve sight lines for traffic on Burden attempting to enter Main. There is no stop sign for Main Street traffic at Burden. The temporary elimination of the parking spots was to see if the situation would be improved enough to forego making the intersection a three-way stop. The experiment, in place since July, on Monday was deemed better than the situation when the parking was allowed.

“It’s not great, but it’s better,” village President Howard Skinner said of the situation, which he gets a first hand look at because his auto repair business is located at the Main Street-Burden Avenue intersection.

The board also discussed and approved a request from  a new downtown business to eliminate another parking stall on the north side of Main Street.

Vindictive Vinyl made the request that the most easterly parking spot on Main be eliminated. This would provide drive-in access to the business, which applies graphics to vehicles, said village administrator Jennifer Pollitt. The building at one time housed an auto repair business and has a partial curb cut.

The vote to eliminate all four parking stalls was unanimous, with Trustees Thomas Connolly and Jeremy Knoll absent.

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    3 right in front of Skinner’s.
    Politics and CLOUT in action.
    To h*** with Julie’s and HER patrons!

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