Resigned Silver Lake Trustee Ironside facing theft charge

Barbara Ironside

Barbara Ironside

Barbara Ironside, whose resignation from the Silver Lake Village Board was made official this week, will be charged with theft in relation to an incident at her former employer, according to a statement from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department released today.

From the statement:

On 10-03-13 Kenosha County Sheriff’s Detectives were requested by Silver Lake Police Chief Dan Kingsley to assist in an investigation at Silver Lake Auto Service located at 551 N. Cogswell Drive, in the Village of Silver Lake. This case involves a theft complaint where the suspect is Barbara Ironside who, at the time, was a Village of Silver Lake Trustee. Chief Kingsley wanted to avoid a situation in this investigation where there might be a conflict of interest, which is why he requested Sheriff’s Department Assistance. (Sheriff’s Department) Detectives found that between June 2013 and the time of complaint, Barbara Ironside had taken $500.00 from customers purchasing items in the store. Ironside would use money from purchases to purchase lottery tickets. If the ticket was a winner, Ironside would keep the winnings. Ironside collected about $500.00 from the lottery system during this time. Ironside was not taken into physical custody. She is being charged with one count of theft. That charge has been forwarded to the District Attorney’s office.

In her resignation letter, Ironside cited personal reasons, a new job and ongoing unresolved health problems as the reason for her resignation.

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  1. Save SLRS says:

    If you want to work to replace the Village Board with new members who will work to save both the Silver Lake Rescue Squad and the Silver Lake Fire Department, please email

    The next election is just 6 months away. We have several seats that will be up for election. Rescue service is assured at least until the end of March. We can change Silver Lake back into the proud, happy village it was before this board made us turn again each other.

  2. West of 45 Citizen says:

    It looks like a gambling addiction took down this elected official. This incidendent should be a warning to all of having a casino in our county will lead to. The gambling social ills should be obvious to ALL.

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    SAVE SLRS: Let get this straight….”the board” “made us turn again each other”. Wow! What a fantasy! Who is doing the screaming and the shouting? Silver Lake Rescue and their backers! They did everything in their power to undermine the Ad Hoc committee, the former village president, including running a “coup” to oust him, any board members that would not support their “cause”,and they did it in a downright MEAN fashion! That includes their overzealous supporters. I dont’ recall board members screaming at audience members.
    Silver Lake Rescue NOW wants to work to SAVE Silver Lake Fire ???? Incredible. That ship has LONG sailed. Even Barb Ironside realized that, and was working towards a cooperative agreement with Salem Township. I feel bad for the situation she is currently in, but I do believe she always had the best interests of her constituents in her heart. Rescue? We all KNOW where you stand! Put up all the Save Our Rescue Squad yard signs you want. We are SICK of the whining and snivelling. Your tactics rank right up there with the Tea Party “shut down our government” fiasco our country just witnessed. There are MORE issues in Silver Lake than just “the Rescue Squad”. Our village is sinking rapidly, and you folks just keep tossing bricks to the board. We have a STRONG BOARD, a very WEAK
    Board President……they will see us through these troubled times..that they did NOT cause! Sue Gerbers’ predecessor was “light years” ahead of his time in realizing the problems facing our village(not just FIRE and RESCUE!). He attempted to address those issues in a professional and methodical fashion. Unfortunately, the “ostrich approach” prevailed(you know,…stick your head in the sand and hope the problems go away.). SLRS made sure he went away…they still haven’t figured out a way to address the problems that were identified. Screaming, name calling, VOP letters, and oh yes, the rash of yard signs don’t remedy anything. My yard sign will say “BERNARD FOR BOARD”. Keep your eyes posted folks!!!!

  4. Why don't you come out of the closet says:

    SLR is here to save us money. The cost to operate the fire department will head towards a million fast. Just like the 27 new stop signs, the government that was is headed towards higher taxes. Time for all to guess who you are. I’m thinking one of two people who whisper in each others ears..

  5. I wonder why says:

    I wonder why everybody is so gungho to get rid of the SLRS to lower taxes what about the SLPD. Three squad cars come on now. Not nessasary in SL in my opinion and now I hear they need new ones. two squads on patrol on a week day and night also. Crime is not that bad in SL why do they need all of the cops they have. SLRS is very more important to keep around in my opinion and I don’t even live in SL but a lot of my family does

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    “Pssssssttt”. “Psssssttt”

  7. Rhonda says:

    Help me Rhonda, Help Help me Rhonda says that you state that the Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. did everything in their power to undermine the precious AD HOC committee, ran a “coup” to outs beloved Ex-Village President Jeff Albrecht, took on any board member who would not support their “cause” and did it in a downright “Mean” fashion, and you tell Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. to stop it’s whining and sniveling.
    Now I don’t know about you but all I keep seeing on here is your whining an sniveling, they got rid of Jeff, they don’t like the fire department, they don’t like the AD HOC committee, you must go thru a lot of tissue, sounds like you’re the sore loser here.
    Now I see that you say the village is sinking rapidly, even though it appears that the village board has been under the control of Jeff Albrecht and his puppets for quite a few years, and the board is still currently stacked with Jeff Albrecht’s puppets yet you say Jeff Albrecht was “light years” ahead of his time. Blinded by the light may be more fitting, hey another song, “blinded by the light”! What I don’t understand from all your sniveling and whining is how can a board that’s still controlled by the puppet master and stacked in the favor of removing the rescue squad still not able get this accomplished after two years.
    First we had Ex-Village President Jeff Albrecht and Fireman Greg Galich telling us for about a year that the Town of Salem was going to provide rescue protection to the Village of Silver Lake for “FREE”, well that idea when it made it to the Town of Salem Board was shot down pretty quick. Then we had lets bid it out and well low and behold a $7000 bid from a service provider that’s not even licensed in the State of Wisconsin, pretty easy to bid something out when you cannot even provide the service, not to mention the other bid from a private company for over $300,000 – no thanks. Then we have Trustee Dunn reading a report from what he assumed was from the Silver Lake Fire Departments Medical Director condemning the rescue squad on not calling the paramedics enough which was refuted by the Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. Medical Director and even prompting a letter from the Silver Lake Fire Department Medical Director stating he never wrote that report, at least Trustee Dunn apologized for his remarks, but again who’s throwing bricks . Now we are back to a contract that has from what I can see the Town of Salem responding into the village again with dispatch contacting them directly, yet I see no mention of the Town of Salem Board ever discussing this in a meeting on any of the minutes I have read on their website, is this all for free too.
    So I ask myself Mr. Punsley who tried to address those issues in a professional and methodical fashion? Certainly not Ex-Village President Jeff Albrecht and his band of “light years” away puppets, funny as to how we are back basically at the same place we started two years ago.
    The current village board meetings have been very spirited but it’s the people voicing their opinion, whether we look at it as for or against the idea, taxpayers speak and what I see is a stacked board not listening, their remedy – lets quiet the people, and who is the author of the lets quiet the people issue Trustee Soti Wilbur who was voted out in the last election and was the lowest vote getter in the field but yet returned by the puppets. She does not represent the majority of the people and is just the sacrificial sheep in Ex-Village President Jeff Albrecht’s flock.
    I think the people of this village are getting wise to the games being played, the stacking of the board, the inability to get things done even with a board that is all in favor of getting rid of the rescue squad and the current board whining and sniveling when they cannot get there way, they are shutting down this village and trying now to shut up the people so they can get their way.
    Now Bernard your first movie you appeared in was “Dead End” in 1937 and it seems that’s where Jeff Albrecht and his band of puppets are at! What a fantasy they have all been involved in and his “light years” ahead of his time approach has left them with more of an appeal as in the name of your 1940 movie “On Dress Parade”
    I for one agree with Save SLRS, the Village of Silver Lake certainly has gained nothing during these last two years in its attempt to oust the Rescue Squad, the Bernard Punsley approach seems to be to whine and snivel, throw the bricks and simply attempt to control by fear and the STRONG BOARD you state we have better start looking for the “light years” switch cause they are in the dark.
    Truth will always be truth regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief, or ignorance.

  8. bobt says:

    When the old click dies off silver lake might have a chance possibly to be a real place.
    Camelot was only a fantasy. Dissolve the village and become part of real America not
    this is mine and I call the police on you.

  9. robert says:

    i agree with the person who said get rid of the slpd not the slr i dont live in sl but the gas station is the closest to me and i intentionaly drive further for what i may need because slp. and everyone i know says the same thing about going through sl..there is where your revanue is “all around silverlake”!
    so there is your answer let county patroll they are there all the time anyway doing slp’s job

  10. Bernard Punsley says:

    “Rhonda”…I “thought our conversations were OVER”(your words, not mine!). Guess not. Answer this ONE QUESTION for me….does Silver Lake Rescue Squad have @$400,000 in their bank account, or NOT?

  11. Bernard Punsley says:

    So let me get this straight “Rhonda”…Sue Gerber is your “guiding light”…let me know how that’s working out for you!

  12. Save SLRS says:

    Bernard, you are surprised that we want to save our Fire Dept??? Look back at our posts, we have NEVER criticized the Fire Dept. They are a great bunch of volunteers who have served our community even longer than the Rescue Squad. The village needs a solution that will let both departments thrive. Unfortunately your opinion, often stated in an ugly and disrespectful manner, is that only one department should survive.

    We feel that a bonding is needed here in Silver Lake. The volunteers work very well together, but there are some village board members that listen to YOU and think the problem is insurmountable. I still believe that most of your followers on the village board are really there because they want what is best for the village. They have listened to your ideas that their only function should be to lower the taxes. They are now faced with the expensive problem that your leadership has left our storm sewers decayed and failing.

    Let’s start concentrating on the real problems of this village…how do we get storm water off our streets and how do we have enough firemen respond with a fire truck when something is burning? Sending paramedics to our rescue is something that has well been resolved for 25 years. No one has suffered, no one has unnecessarily died (IN 25 YEARS). Bernard, stop sniveling, stop whining, stop calling all of us names, stop disrespecting us, stop trying to take away our freedom of speech.

    Anyone who wants to join us working to unite Silver Lake and take back our village board, please email We will be working hard from now until April to field candidates who will stick to their promises to better our village.

  13. Bernard Punsley says:

    Dont’ know if this coment will make it through…”Bernard” has been subject to censoring by this website…….but I will ask SAVE SLRS… you have $400,000+ in your bank account, or not? Do you pay $1 annual to “lease” the rescue squad building from the village( for a period of 99 years). Does the village pay you $27,000 annually for your services? If you were a “public entity” subject to village authority, you would HAVE to answer these questions. I keep asking…..nobody’s answering. Go figure.

  14. Bernard Punsley says:

    To SAVE SLRS, Rhonda, and all the rest of the “We Don’t Need Paramedics In Silver Lake” zealots…….thanks for plagarizing most of my postings in your replies..the ultimate compliment for me. Try getting some of your own original material. See you at the polls!

  15. Save SLRS says:

    No, Bernard, you are not registered to vote in Kenosha County. Sorry.

  16. I swear says:

    I know that SLRS has, for nearly a year, proported that the village has no need for a paramedic squad, which they are not, and had only 2 calls for paramedics in 2012, hence no need for lifesaving squad members. NOT! So far in 2013, I count at minimum, 7 paramedic calls or assists by Salem. These assistance calls come from Salem because Salem is the only qualified Paramedic Squad in the area. Such calls for paramedic services is an indication that a LIFE/NO LIFE situation was at stake. Compound that with the fact that Wilmot Mountain uses Silver Lake Rescue as their primary – (you might want to re-think letting your kid go there to participate in one of the most trauma activities in the area) you will realize that the village is not the only one affeted by the Resue Squads vocal renunciation of being a paramedic squad claiming no need! Sadly, Silver Lake Rescue will continue to respond, followed by Randall (which also isnt a Paramedic Squad ) and then will call Salem to their aid (many, many minutes after a Paramedic squad should have been called). If the flight for life is called for Wilmot Mountain catastrophies, the doing will be and has been by Salem, not Silver Lake Rescue. I think the Village and the Mountain both have been hoodwinked that Silver Lake is a Paramedic squad by their lack of knowledge of the levels in Emergency Medicine. Hoodwinked just like the all have been when the squad played on being a village department when they were only a subcontractor with a similar name. Villagers need learn that some people lie to them to benefit themselves.We need a paramedic squad. It does not make a difference who it is as long as they are rated as a paramedic squad. As it is now, anyone in the village, a resident or a traveller will lose out on precious, lifesaving time – their own all because someone doesnt want to spend the money. We have a school in the village. There isnt a parent there who shouldnt be banging on the doors of each elected official to get a paramedic squad in place. They have games at that school – visitors would be affected too for the lack of a pramedic squad. It is too bad that the leadership of the rescue squad squanders the abilities of their membership by limiting their application of knowledge in life threatening situations because of their own lack of paramedic status. Very sad to be living here. I swear, if I need a call, I will find a way to get myself to the mansion on CTH F and make the call so that I only have to deal with Salem and might get another chance to write a comment or two.

  17. Rhonda says:

    Well I swear – the Village of Silver Lake Village Board has had two years to do it and not accomplished it yet, what’s the problem there? Ex-Village President Jeff Albrecht and Fireman Greg Galich of Silver Lake Fire said we were getting it for free from the Town of Salem – Um where did that idea go – oh yeah someone forgot to tell the Town of Salem about it?, Then Fireman Greg Galich and Trustee Pat Dunn said Antioch Rescue who has quite the lawsuit for sexual harassment and misuse of drugs was going to do it for $7000.00 (those are the rescue people I want coming to save my children), where did that idea go, oh yeah someone forgot to remind the Village Board of Silver Lake that Antioch does not have a Wisconsin License.
    I see a lot of people blaming the Silver Lake Rescue Squad for the inability to go Paramedic, but I don’t see the Village Board doing anything about it, I keep hearing Bernard Punsley saying that Silver Lake Rescue Squad has all this money, one of the members of the ad hoc committee – I think Phil Johnson from Randall Fire (funny how Randall was drug into your post) said the same thing that rescue is a cash cow. I keep hearing from Bernard Pungsley that its easy to go paramedic and that we have ignored the recommendations of the ad hoc committee as stated in his last few post.
    I have quite the weird question if rescue services makes so much money, if its easy to go to paramedic why has our village board not just made the fire department a paramedic rescue squad?
    Now I am not a educated person in fire or rescue but that seems pretty obvious?

  18. @ I swear says:

    Again we have another person who likes to twist the facts to scare others to try and push through their agenda to get rid of both the Fire and Rescue departments.

    For starters, Salem is not the only qualified paramedic squad in the area. Depending on where they are transporting, SLRS has Fox Lake to the South, Medix to the North and West, Bristol and Pleasant Prairie to the East, and Flight for Life that covers the entire area.

    You might ask then why does SLRS call MEDIX or Fox Lake instead of Salem on a few occasions? Well Salem only has morphine for pain control, a lot of people have allergies to morphine, or are recovering heroin addicts and they can’t handle morphine for pain control. So SLRS has the option of calling ANOTHER paramedic service that can give pain meds such as fentanyl, dilaudid, and ketamine, not to mention MEDIX has RSI in there protocols or Rapid Sequence Intubation.

    Now to address another part of your rant. Just because SLRS called for a paramedic intercept, does not mean that it’s always a LIFE/DEATH situation. SLRS has the best interest of the patient at heart, and if the patient asks for pain management, SLRS does not hesitate to pick up a paramedic in route. By the time an IV is established and the patient history is obtained, they are at the intercept point so there is no delay in patient arrival to the hospital. The paramedic jumps on the squad with a med bag and they are on the way to the hospital.

    So you say this year they called for 7 intercepts, well that is GREAT!! That just shows that when people might need a paramedic drug, SLRS does not hesitate to make sure they get it! Incredible, the people of Silver Lake are getting paramedic level care when needed, but not having to shell out 300K or more a year…. Sounds pretty good to me. It would be great if Kenosha County had a Level 1 Trauma center as well, but hey, there are only 3, at the most, in the entire state, one of them being in Milwaukee.

    You feel that you were hoodwinked by SLRS’s name? Do you even know that Bernard Punsley died in 2004. Sounds like you are being hoodwinked by Jeff, Greg and et al. Just so that you know, SLRS was started by members of SLFD over 50 years ago. Thank God they did split off, or they too would have burned to the ground, and today, if run by the village, they too would be in the same shape as SLFD, without a pot to piss in. I feel sorry for SLFD, the board should of been putting money in an outlay account for decades, just like Wheatland and Randall, but no, instead the only report we citizens ever heard at the board meetings was that “the trucks are clean and shiny” – for years!

    Finally you attack SLRS for not wanting to go paramedic. SLRS has never ruled out becoming a paramedic squad. Twin Lakes Rescue, another private company, has twice the calls, looked into becoming paramedic, and couldn’t justify the expense. Several of the members of SLRS are paramedics and even Registers Nurses. When the call volume gets to the point of justifying paramedic level services, I’m sure SLRS will again look at upgrading to paramedic service, but in the meantime because of the agreements and working close with Salem, the people of Silver Lake get paramedic service when required at a cost that is next to nothing.

    Just remember, even if you drive to that mansion on HWY F, you still may get SLRS. They work very closely with Salem Rescue and in fact, Salem has called SLRS at least 4 times this year to help cover calls for them!

  19. Y'all can say says:

    Y’all can say whatever you want to say (is that you Dan Gerber tryng to keep your contract?), but Silver Lake Rescue is not a paramedic squad, doesn’t seem to want to be one and depends upon others when they wouldnt have to if they would just progress. I will say that they do a great job of triage.

    I suppose that “I SWEAR” above might just make the drive to the #2 firehouse and get the help because nothing that you offered addressed the concerns of paramedic status or timeliness. If a choice, I too,would take that drive before I would make a call to Silver Lake Rescue.

    I notice that the count for paramedic calls hasnt been addressed. Is that 7 or is that 8 or 9 times that Silver Lake Rescue Squad had to summon for help?

    Personally, I think that Punsley, dead or alive, fictional or not, has some very good thought processes and others would do well to listen.

  20. Ashamed says:

    I’m really ashamed of some of the so called leaders this village has had. It’s horrible how they have tried to turn people against Silver Lake Rescue. The rescue squad is being attacked because they give up their time to serve the community. They are there at night, weekends and holidays with little or no pay. They give up time with their family to help protect the village and the community, only to be told they are crap because they are not paramedic. Being a paramedic is a full time job, and most of the Salem paramedics, that are not full time on Salem, have full time jobs as paramedics on other private ambulance services. I for one am very thankful for the dedication and service that the rescue squad has shown this community for so many years!

  21. 18 and Counting.... says:

    18 comments and only one on topic. While I applaud WestoftheI for indulging the commenters I in turn take them to task for not commenting on the story on top.

    For someone to be so taken in by the gambling bug to steal to support the habit just goes to show what gambling can do to individuals and subsequently their families.

    Looking back a few stories you have the one on the vote or the lack of one to support the Kenosha casino and there are only 5 comments with only one on topic.

    If I can make a suggestion now that others are forming groups to run in the next election, it would be this. Silver Lake should put on their spring ballot Non-Binding referendums on the Fire Department, Rescue Squad and weather the village should stay a village or revert back to being part of the town of Salem. These “Advisory” referendums should be the guide for the next board to follow. The candidates could even run specifically on these issues, as if they weren’t going to already.

    I am sure WestoftheI will cover any candidate forum or debates that Silver Lake will have over these next six months and will post any and all comments. The key here though will be to define the options that are available and attainable. If the emotions can be kept in check, whatever is decided will be the will of the majority and not just those who are sitting at the big table up front.

  22. Rhonda says:

    @ Y’all can say,

    I understand Silver Lake Rescue is not a paramedic squad, trust me I can read on here and I am not sure what Silver Lake Rescue has done to or tried to do to upgrade to a paramedic, has the village approached them about this and or talked to them to see what can be done about that? I have not seen any discussion about that in any meeting. Have the board members, Barb Ironside before she resigned or I think it was Schwebke or Wilbur before that did they speak with Silver Lake Rescue about upgrading to paramedic? I cannot think that in two years there was never discussion on that – and if so why was it not reported in the paper or in any minutes of the meetings, or on here.

    But again I have been trying to follow this from the beginning and I keep hearing, money rescue has money – Bernard is quoted on here that Silver Lake Rescue has $400,000+ in the bank, Bernard states that its simple to just upgrade to paramedic level, Bernard and the Ad Hoc members all have stated the need to go paramedic, Bernard and some others on her all have stated that the NO ONE is listening to the Ad Hoc committee.

    I would like to know if it’s that simple why is that option – I think it was one of the 5 or 6 that the Ad Hoc committee recommended that the Village Board has not looked into making the Fire Department the “Silver Lake Fire Department and Rescue Squad” – I keep hearing revenue and simple and just wondering why that option is not being discussed. It seems apparent that not even the village board is listening to any of the recommendations of the committee either.

    I think that there was a lot of talk in the beginning, looking back on many of the earlier West of the I discussion from many moons ago that the Silver Lake Rescue Squad and the Fire Department did not want to merge, if they merged the Village would have all that revenue right? I don’t know but from what Jeff Albrecht said during some early meetings is that the revenue would help enhance the fire department so why after two years has the village board not looked into getting the fire department their own rescue squad and just taking over? I think that tax payers would like to know, I know I would.

  23. Bernard Punsley says:

    Rhonda…for someone who was THROUGH with me(your words, not mine!) you seem to have developed a propensity for taking me to task. But you still have not provided any solutions to any of the problems I continue to point out. As for my postings, don’t try putting “words into my mouth”(I do a pretty good job of that myself!). Show me any posting where I stated: “It’s easy to go paramedic”.
    It is NOT an easy process, I never said it was! For your information, if I recall, the meetings I attended, the Ad Hoc Committee presented 5 options for the village to consider. From DAY ONE, the original intent was to combine SLRS and SLFD into ONE ENTITY under the control of the village board. That option was immediately rejected by SLRS and never had a chance. The option to have Salem Fire & Rescue take over EMS calls was the next logical solution. There WAS a plan in place, guess who undermined THAT plan? Neither YOU nor anyone from SLRS has addressed the “mountain of cash” I keep referring to. Let me be clear. Every penny of that money was legitimately EARNED by the members of the SLRS! I contend the bulk of those funds were earned via rescue squad transport fee charges(all legitimate!). No doubt the Ad Hoc Committee wanted to try and “tap” some of those funds to ease the financial burdens on the fire department. By combining SLFD and SLRS, the squad would have retained all it’s members, they would have come under the control of the Fire Chief and village board, and life pretty much would have gone on. Rescue would have NONE OF IT……they have resisted the fire department every chance they have had. So keep putting out your yard signs…..mine reads “Save Silver Lake”!!!!

  24. Drop it already says:

    Also, please stop discussing the ineptness of the Silver Lake Village board on this site. Pretty much everyone in that town hates everyone else. They won’t be happy until Silver Lake is no more. Use this space to discuss the story posted above and the real reason why one of the board members had to resign….embarrassment.

  25. Disgrace says:

    Honestly, all the commenters on here should ashamed of themselves. You are all the reason Silver Lake is falling through the cracks. You all act like children trying to push your own personal agenda through, when the harsh reality is, nothing is getting done at all.
    What Silver Lake needs is a complete clean out and rebuild, with NO ONE who has ever previously served, serving. We need fresh faces with fresh ideas. The problem with Silver Lake is its run by “townies”.. We need to oust the “townies” and get working. But, unfortunately, the “townies” are all acting like children who don’t play nice, so I guess that idea won’t work. Its really sad though. Maybe Silver Lake just needs a “maturity makeover”.


    I think we should look at the picture here bout someone stealing from the local gas station and realize that not everyone is perfect.. and that stealing is commiting a crime and should be punshied.. stop thinking that someone isn’t perfect and feel bad for someone… I think you did the crime and now you gotta so the time… fess up and admit you were wrong —- gambling isn’t the issues here—- its stealing

  27. Bernard Punsley says:

    Some “fiscal reality” here folks(Rhonda..disregard…you said you were “through” reading my posts. Everyone else….listen up.) The village of Silver Lake is approx. 1 square mile. Back in “the good ol’ days”…..we could afford to maintain a police department, public works, village hall, rescue squad and fire department,our own grade schoool. etc. In reality, time caught up with our quaint little village. Most of us can’t afford some of those “summer homes” on the lakefront. Our tax base continues to shrink as state mandates continue to grow. We have neither the current capability nor a reasonable chance of meeting our needs in the near future. This is not a “doom and gloom” prediction, nor is it a “finger pointing” post(something I’m pretty good at!). It’s an economic reality.
    We are ONE SQUARE MILE folks! Name one community with similar size and population that provides the services we do here in Silver Lake. Can’t think of one? Neither can I! We have dedicated employees, ALL…..including Fire and Rescue..the bulk of their services that are provided for a nominal cost due to their respective members dedication to serve. What’s our dilemma? We have not been able to keep up with the costs needed to run our village! I dont’ care if you are talking blacktop, bandaids, sewers, stop signs, squad cars, fire hose, fuel, vehicle maintenance, insurance, paper clips and ink cartridges……we just do not have the resources we need to make it happen. Do we have any financial plans in place? Replacement of equipment plans….5-10-15 year type master planning……….any vision for the future? If we don’t ….all of us are responsible for that. I think too many of us(MYSELF INCLUDED!) got caught up in the Fire/ Rescue Squad “dilemma”…….which actually was just the tip of the iceberg of the financial difficulties we are facing. If anything, the problems AT LEAST facing the Fire Department should have been a “red flag” that we have some potentially serious issues facing us. “Raising Taxes” isn’t going to fix our problems in the long term. Serious discussion needs to take place as to the future of our village.
    Dispute anything you wish to in this post…..I think our current board is trying their best to address the issue we currently face, and will face very shortly down the road. I dont’ think I’ve “knocked” anyone in this posting, I tried not to except Rhonda, but she won’t be reading it anyway! I’m sure I’ve offended many. Too bad. Let’s hear YOUR solutions!!!!

  28. Solutions says:

    Solutions, Go for shared services with Salem. They have utility districts 1 and 2, (make Silver lake’s number 3) engineers on the payroll, trucks and workers to keep the sewers in good order and empty.
    Join fire and rescue. Dissolve the police and go with sheriff deputies. They have the equipment and manpower to respond.
    Join the road crew with Salem’s, they have the huge garage and plenty of equipment.
    Join the village clerks, and last , the board too.
    Dissolve the Silver Lake board, and village government, and send it all to Salem.
    They surround us already. We would not have to give up the village name of Silver Lake, just the duplicate, underfunded services…What do you think, Bernie?

  29. Bernard Punsley says:

    Solutions…….I think you have proposed some very viable solutions to the fiscal dilemma facing our village. I completely agree with all of your assessments. That being said, some of my detractors will automatically “drink their tea” and oppose any of these considerations. One option I would explore would be to maintain the SLPD(under the auspices of Salem Town Board)as “Safety Officers” and have them cross trained as first responders and firefighters. They will probably balk initially, but in the long term it will make their positions much more valuable. SLFD members and SLRS members could be assimilated into the Salem Fire & Rescue…no “loss of jobs” here. I think this is a “win-win” proposition that our board should take a serious look at. Something like this should be considered for a referendum. I think once the citizens had a chance to digest all of the options, that would find this acceptable. Remember, “without a goal, a plan is only a wish, nothing more”! These are realistic goals. I’ll await the naysayers exhortations to follow.

  30. Bernard Punsley says:

    I’ll repeat: ONE SQUARE MILE!!!!

  31. Bernard Punsley says:

    Given my newfound popularity(excluding Rhonda!)….I like to think of myself as the “Sarah Lee of Silver Lake”….you know the jingle…”nobody doesn’t like Sarah Lee”. You’re humming it right know you are! You’re welcome.

  32. Todd A. says:

    Fredonia, WI. 2010 census numbers are very comparable to Silver Lake and they have there own high school, middle school, elementry school, police dept, village hall, fire dept, rescue squad, and public works! And they don’t even have the “summer lake home” property for the extra tax dollars that silver lake offers. They are also a town made up of true volunteers not “paid” volunteers like Greg Galich looking out for self interests and a government pay day.

  33. Bernard Punsley says:

    Todd….so let me get this straight….all of Fredonia’s high school, middle school, elementary school, village hall, police department, and public works employees are “volunteers’ who work for no pay? I’m curious as to what you do for a living and if you do it “for free”. Census numbers(number of residents in a targeted area) and property values(, industry, private residences, etc) are 2 completely different items. I don’t know what Fredonia has for a tax base.I do know what Silver Lake has. If you think paying Mr. Galich and the rest of the firefighters ZERO DOLLARS is going to save our village, you are really sipping some “tainted tea”. That $11/hour that Mr. Galich and the rest of the firefighters are “raking in” to protect our village really frosts you. You let the “farkle factor” slip out a little bit too much. Not only did you not answer my question, you sure don’t sound like somebody interested in seeing Silver Lake Fire & Rescue join forces for the combined good of the citizens. And I would have to observe that the “government payday” Mr. Galich “enjoys” that upsets you so much would also have to carry over to our village teachers, custodians, secretaries, police officers, public works employees,….my goodness, even the Board members. Let’s not forget our post master nor our mail carriers. And yes, even our dedicated Rescue squad members as well. Your contention that firefighters are flocking to Silver Lake to join the Silver Lake Fire Department and become filthy rich are astounding. Better get back to your census book. (by the way, “census-takers” are paid for BY THE GOVERNMENT!. Perhaps you would like to “volunteer” your precious services, to help the federal government out of it’s current dilemma. Everybody sing it out loud now…”nobody doesn’t like Sarah Lee”!!!!

  34. Bernard Punsley says:

    Todd…according to the Fredonia village website, the average household income in Fredonia is $74,560, about the same as a village of Silver Lake firefighter makes(according to your rant). I don’t know about you, but neither myself nor any of my neighbors in Silver Lake make anywhere NEAR $74+grand a year! Maybe we should join the SLFD and get on the “gravy train”. If I could just figure out a way not to have to run into those damn burning buildings!

  35. real vs pretend? says:

    I don’t mind paying for firefighters…. just don’t want to pay people who are more interested in playing dress up or who just like to sit around at the fire house and drink beer. Of course it was comical when they burned their own firehouse down. Good laugh was had by all ! 🙂

  36. Dave P. says:

    Happiness is seeing a picture of Bernard Punsley on a milk carton.

  37. Bernard Punsley says:

    He is a mysterious one…that Bernard. “Happiness” in Silver Lake seems to be a rare commodity. It could be from all the sour milk folks seem to be ingesting. Things seem a tad quiet in the village right now………perhaps some of that seething anger is beginning to subside. Tax bills will be coming out in a month or so…that oughta fire up that cauldron of venom some folks seem to be dipping their milktoast in. Me, I’ve been busy in my workshop printing out my “Save Silver Lake” yardsigns. I’m starting to like the “Salem Lake” motif. Stay tuned. As alway, Your loyal, poignant observer…Bernard!

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