Bristol defers action on casino endorsement resolution

/Photo by Olly Bennett via stock.xchng

/Photo by Olly Bennett via stock.xchng

The Bristol Village Board on Monday deferred action on a proposed resolution supporting the approval of a Menominee tribal casino in Kenosha.

Such resolutions have been making the rounds of  Western Kenosha County municipalities. Randall passed one last month and Salem passed one Monday. Silver Lake also will consider a similar resolution Wednesday evening.

The casino and entertainment complex is proposed for the site of the closed Dairyland Greyhound Park. It has received federal approval and now awaits approval by Gov. Scott Walker.

Bristol did not take action on a resolution of support, opting instead to wait for a meeting where there was a full board (Trustee Ruth Atwood was absent Monday). But limited discussion showed a range of opinions on the matter.

President Mike Farrell distributed a list he developed of pros and cons of the casino project that he shared with board members.

“I tired to remove personal opinion…,” Farrell said of his list. He also said he would favor the casino being approved.

Some other board members were less emphatic with their comments.

Trustee Colleen Fisch advocated taking a long view in considering the endorsement of the casino project.

“What are the long term effects on the community?” Fisch asked.

Trustee Carolyn Owens was opposed to even considering the resolution  as an intrusion by the county government.

“I don’t think it belongs on the agenda at this time or any other time,” Owens said. “The people of this state have elected the governor to do a job, and if he doesn’t do a job then he wont be re-elected.”

One audience member, Joe Petersen, also asked to speak on the issue. He told a personal anecdote involving someone he knew who lost a considerable amount of money to a gambling addiction. He asked the board to not support the casino project.

“Gambling has a terrible effect on communities,” Petersen said “Some people get jobs, but others are experiencing tremendous loss. I would urge this board not to support a resolution like this.”



  1. Marge says:

    Feel this casino should have gone through way back in 1997. People need jobs there are good jobs at Casinos and with Hard Rock Cafe and hotel going in with it makes it more inviting.
    If some people have an addiction to gambling that is their problem, just like an alcoholic, you can’t make them stop drinking or gambling. They have to want to if they don’t want to then they are what they are.
    We need this casino and the hotel and Hard Rock Cafe. They should also bring the dog track in with it all.

  2. Bil Simpson says:

    How is this even a question? Add 3,000+ jobs to the area? Add the revenues. Add the fact that existing businesses will feel the trickle down revenues in their cash registers…
    Why would there be opposition? Every town within fifty miles will see the benefits.
    Those who have become addicted to gambling will continue to use their current gambling spots. The location will hardly make a difference.
    I’d say the benefits outweigh the negatives…

  3. Diane Grenus says:

    I could support the Kenosha casino because it will be a great source of employment and money will come back into the community, but I have questions that I would like answered regarding the information from TV ads that state Hard Rock has ties to the mob and that money will be sent out of state to other entities. I would like to see solid supporting evidence of these negative statements and if true, what the VPs of the casino project are planning to do to cut their ties and explain where they will be sending money and for what purpose.

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