Barb Ironside to resign from Silver Lake Village Board

Barbara Ironside

Barbara Ironside

The village of Silver Lake has received an email from Trustee Barb Ironside that says she is resigning her seat on the Village Board, village President Sue Gerber confirmed today.

An official resignation is typically delivered in a signed letter. The village has not received a signed letter, just the email, Gerber said.

Ironside is the chairman of the Finance, Legislative and Administrative committee and is a member of the Emergency Goverment and Parks, Public Lands and Library committees.

This would be the third appointment since April to the Village Board.

Following the April election, Soti Wilber was appointed to fill Sue Gerber’s seat when Gerber, a sitting trustee, won the village president race. The appointment was not without controversy. Gerber recommended the next highest vote getter in the April election receive the appointment, but that idea found no support on the board and Wilber was approved by a 4 to 1 vote with Gerber voting against and Ironside abstaining, but not stating her reason for abstaining. Wilber had received the least votes of six candidates for trustee in the April election.

Then in May, Trustee David Snow announced he was resigning due to conflicts between his trustee duties and those of a new job. The village solicited letters from interested individuals and received five. One of the five, Paul Snellen, was appointed by a 4 to 2 vote in July, with Gerber and Barbara Ironside voting no.

Ironside was at the center of an on and then off again resignation from the board in 2011. In October of that year she sent a letter of resignation to village Clerk Terry Faber, citing health and personal reasons. She later said she wanted to withdraw the resignation, which the board agreed to. But in November, village attorney Linda Gray said the resignation was official as soon as it was received and could not be withdrawn. The board then proceeded to appoint Ironside to the seat she had just vacated on a 4 to 2 vote with Gerber and then Trustee Chris Willkomm voting against.

Ironside then did not run for re-election in April 2012, but did file to run for trustee in 2013. She received the most votes of six candidates (three elected to the board) in the April 2013 election.

Ironside leaving the board now could be especially problematic for the board as budget preparation is under way and she is the finance committee chairman.

The board is scheduled to meet for a Committee of the Whole meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m.



  1. Norma says:

    Why? She was one of the most sane members of the board and had the longest history of them all. She is a good board member and I, for one, am unhappy to hear she is resigning. Now, we have to worry about who replaces her and from what I have seen when the last seat was open, no one who has a brain or even the smallest dissenting opinion of what the current board believes stands a chance to be appointed. Sad situation for the taxpayers of Silver Lake. Boo hoo for us.

  2. this town needs an enema says:

    I think she is finally sick and tired of dealing with the other idiots on the board. I for one cant blame her.

  3. just wondering says:

    just wondering why you wont post my comments about barb you post all of the positives but not my negitives???

  4. tell me why says:

    please tell me why you wont post my comments

    1. Comments that accuse people of crminal activity that has not been charged by authorites will not be approved.

  5. Embarassed says:

    Sad day when the only things you see in the news about Silver Lake is when people mess up or when they act like children.

  6. Northwestern Mike says:

    Not posting comments occurs because the owners are worried about what is posted on their site. Any negative stuff whether it is true or not could be hazardous to their business. I have encountered this in the past and I have for the most part stopped commenting here. It’s not about freedom of expression. This site is one of the few places I have experienced censorship. >>> Will this be posted???

  7. Former resident & committies member says:

    After not only having resided in the Village of Silver Lake from 1997-2007 but also having served terms on both the Planning and the Parks Committees, I can say with a very unbiased opinion, that it is a politically strange municipality. From my observation, Barb Ironside had always been the one, constant, public servant in the village that never seemed to have a personal agenda. She had always been a very tough cookie & I can not even imagine what kind of political BS has been going on over the past few years to make her crumble. I can only pray that those appointed as public servants are there to do just that – serve the public.

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