Nathan Walter 5K fun run/walk at Wilmot UHS coverage

/Earlene Frederick photos

/Earlene Frederick photos

A large crowd of supporters turned out for Wilmot Union High School’s 5K fun run/walk on Wednesday to honor Nathan Walter.

Walter died after a traffic accident this summer. He would have been a senior at Wilmot this fall.

There were about 750 participants, we were told.

Proceeds from the event are to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House, which the Walter family used while Nathan was hospitalized in Milwaukee after the accident. Nathan’s father, Scott, told the crowd how Nate used to collect pop tabs as a kid for a neighbor for the Ronald McDonald House and they’d give him a cookie.  They never dreamed they would be using the facility themselves, he said.

Here are some more photos from freelance photographer Earlene Frederick:

The crowd gives a standing ovation after Scott Walter's remarks. /Earlene Frederick photo

The crowd gives a standing ovation after Scott Walter’s remarks. /Earlene Frederick photo


Nathan Walter’s grandfather Ronald Walter was the last person to finish the walk, accompanied by a crowd of students. /Earlene Frederick photo


Wilmot math teacher Patrick Dopke having a hot dog following the run/walk. /Earlene Frederick photo



  1. Scott Walter says:

    Thank you to everyone that made this event a success. It really means a lot to our family.

  2. Michelle Walter says:

    Thank you for coming out and supporting us with your kind words. We appreciate it. This will be an annual event we are told. Thanks to the Wilmot staff, especially Tracy Carlisle. She did an amazing job. We feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends. We love you all and can’t wait for next year’s walk/run!

    The Walter family

  3. Ann McClain says:

    What an awesome turnout. As much as your heart is breaking with this tragedy, it shows that Nate was well liked by everyone who knew him. Also great pictures of everyone. Sorry I couldn’t have been there with your family. Ann

  4. Mary Walter says:

    Thank you everyone who came to honor Nate and his charity, the Ronald McDonald House, and show your support for his family. A big thank you to Wilmot High School for hosting this event and to the students for coming together for Nate. It was very emotional and an honor to participate in the walk.

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