Silver Lake to forward contract to Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc.

sl-rescue-squad-backThe Silver Lake Village Board voted to send a contract to Silver Lake Rescue Squad regarding the provision of emergency medical services.

While a copy of the proposed contract was not immediately available (We are requesting a copy — DH) , discussion at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting suggests the contract includes language that would empower Silver Lake Fire Department personnel to call for paramedic response — a power previously reserved for rescue squad personnel.

The issue of who can make the determination that a paramedic is needed surfaced at the Village Board level in August. At the Sept. 19 Village Board meeting, village attorney Linda Gray said she her research indicated that the highest rated entity — in this case SLRS — should make the call for paramedic service, unless an agreement stating otherwise is in place.

Wednesday Silver Lake Fire Department member Greg Galich said he was dissatisfied with Gray’s Sept. 19 answer and sought an answer of his own from the same state department Gray questioned. He said he ultimately was told an independent contractor delivering emergency medical services — like SLRS — should answer to the village fire chief, in a concept called unified command. Galich is a retired Kenosha Fire Department officer.

Galich’s understanding of who should make the paramedic call — SLFD personnel — was written into the contract, based on what could be discerned from board discussion.

Village President Sue Gerber was the only vote against sending the contract to SLRS. However, after voting she apologized for doing so because she has a known conflict of interest with voting on issues related to SLRS due to family connections. Trustee Michael Decker was absent.



  1. Really?! says:

    Once again Sue Gerber is voting on matters that directly correlate to her son being a member of the SLRS, has already been sanctioned by the board for voting on such matters due to the conflict of interest, and yet she continues to not only discuss as well as vote on matters that directly pertain to the rescue squad!! Really, you are going to apologize after the fact, so is that supposed to make it all better…as the village board president she should have abstained from the vote, or had she “realized after the fact” that she shouldn’t have voted then she should have overturned her vote. Isn’t this also why the attorney Linda Gray assisting the meetings, isn’t she supposed to ensure that the laws and ethics are followed by all board members, or is she just there to parrot what Sue tells her to?!

  2. Kimberly Ann says:

    Really?! You are going to nitpick this fact? She was the only NO. Clearly the motion still passed.

  3. Really?! says:

    Kimberly Ann, regardless to the fact that the motion still passed the village president, or any other member of the board, is obligated to abstain from voting on matters which would have a direct conflict of interest. As Sue has been sanctioned previously for the same actions, she obviously didn’t learn her lesson. How are residents of the village to have any sort of trust toward the board- members that have been voted in based on creditionals assuming that the member would hold the best interest of the village; yet we have the village president who cannot even follow the simple rules and regulations which have been put in place in order to ensure that the board is in fact doing what is best for the community rather than having/following their own agenda.

  4. Ridiculous says:

    @Kimberly Ann-
    This shows that we need to put into effect some rules of order like Trustee Wilber suggested. No matter if the motion passed or failed, there are rules in place for a reason, and apparently, the previous ethics violation doesn’t matter to the President (your mother).

  5. Policy refresher anyone? says:

    Perhaps our President doesn’t understand what “conflict of interest” means?

  6. Bernard Punsley says:

    Remember the Led Zepellin song “The Levee”….”if it keeps on rainin’…the levee’s gonna break”…………well it’s raining cats(feral!) and dogs in Silver Lake and Sue Gerber’s credibility is springing more leaks than she can possibly plug! She aligned herself with SLRS to oust her predecessor…….and her ship has been sinking ever since! Unfortunately, there are not enough “life preservers” for all of the citizens. It’s pretty much “every man for himself”. Her loyalty to SLRS, at the expense of the rest of the citizens she is sworn to advocate for is disturbing. Her reign as President has deteriorated rapidly as Rescue keeps tossing boulders into her dinghy. As important as the Fire/Rescue “situation” is to the village, there are other matters of concern we should focus on. Following “conflict of interest” laws might be a good start. Repeating ethics violations should be avoided. Might be a good time to “jump ship”!

  7. Bernard Punsley says:

    Once again Attorney Gray drops the ball. When it comes to issues involving fire and rescue/EMS, I’d rely on the expertise and experience of Mr. Galich every time! And he doesn’t CHARGE for his services either!!!(Neither did the Ad Hoc Committee). Rescue STILL hasn’t learned this valuable piece of advice: “Never Bring a Knife to a Gun Fight”! Bring in the professional paramedics from Salem Fire & Rescue TODAY!

  8. Bernard Punsley says:

    More SAVE OUR RESCUE SQUAD yard signs might help!!!

  9. Thanks for the laugh Bernard! says:

    Galich doesn’t charge for his services? That’s to funny. What to you call someone who is trying to have taxpayers to pay for him to sit on his butt for 8 hours a day watching TV in the firehouse? Or someone who lobbied to have taxpayers pay for “sleeping quarters” at a volunteer firehouse? More of “what can you do for me” attitude that makes the Village of Silver Lake what it is.

  10. Bernard Punsley says:

    “Thanks for the laugh”…..apparently, you’ve never been in a burning building or “worked a code” on a dying patient in the back of a med unit. That $11/hr you so frugrently dish out to Mr. Galich and the rest of the firefighters should really make you feel like a big spender! And you are really clueless as to what the “volunteer firehouse” really is and how it functions. That old jealousy factor keeps creeping in. My money is on Mr. Galich and the rest of the Silver Lake firefighters. Keep tossin’ barbs at em. They can take it. Ask your village president what the “consultant” charged to tell them how to move a sewer pipe off of private property!!!

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