Deputy receives award from State Patrol

A Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputy has recieved and award from the Wisconsin State Patrol.

From a press release from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department:

On 10-02-13 Sheriff David Beth will travel with Deputy Jacob Castillo to the State Capitol in Madison where Deputy Castillo will be awarded the “Life Saving” award by the Wisconsin State Patrol. On 06-07-13 at 0304 hrs, Kenosha County Sheriff’s Deputies responded with the Wisconsin State Patrol to the 3800 block of I-94 SB for a pedestrian who had been struck by a car. Dep. Castillo was one of those deputies. Sheriff Beth said, “Jake jumped right in and helped give CPR to the woman who was hit by a car.” The pedestrian was Lauren Silverman of Highland Park. “She was severely injured, but that didn’t stop Jake and Trooper Martin from doing what they could to try to save her life,” said Sheriff Beth. “I am proud of the work that our men and women do every day, both on patrol and inside our corrections facilities. It is nice of the State Patrol to recognize this heroic act by Jake,” said Sheriff Beth. Dep. Castillo will receive the award on 10-02-13 at 3PM in the Governor’s Conference Room in the State Capitol Building.”


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