Silver Lake Rescue should make paramedic call, village attorney says

silver-lake-VHAfter researching the question, Silver Lake village attorney Linda Gray said Silver Lake Rescue should be determining when paramedic services are needed on village medical calls when both Silver Lake Fire Department personnel and Silver Lake Rescue personnel are responding.

Gray explained her finding at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting. She said she consulted with state officials that oversee emergency medical services.

SLRS should make the call because that department is licensed for a higher level of care than the Silver Lake Fire Department, Gray said. SLRS is an EMT IV-tech department while SLFD is licensed as a first responder department.

The departments’ relative certified level of care should trump the certification of any individual who might be on the scene, Gray said.

The issue came to light after a medical call in Silver Lake recently. A fire department member — trained as a paramedic — on hand at the call first had to defer to a SLRS personnel on whether to bring a paramedic to the scene. SLRS typically employs a paramedic intercept system when paramedic services are needed.

In the wake of that incident, Trustee Barbara Ironside sought to authorize SLFD members to make the call on paramedic intervention, but that motion was tabled when the legality of the proposal was questioned.

Gray also attempted to clarify another fire department related question. She said her research indicates that the association formed by village firefighters must still be accountable to the village for money it raises. It does not have to turn over the money to the village if it is clear that the association is raising money separate from the village controlled fire department. Currently, that distinction may not be that clear, Gray said.

“Does the community know who they are giving their money to?,” Gray said. “The community believes they are donating to the volunteer fire department, I believe.”



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Time for the village of Silver Lake to SERIOUSLY consider contracting with a new village attorney! Her explanation of issues are usually as “clear as Mud-Slingin’ Sue’s. Her “attempts to clarify” continue to “confound the confounded”. Bring in the professional paramedics from Salem Fire & Rescue….DO IT NOW!

  2. Bernard Punsley says:

    As far as the firefighters Association raising funds…..which they have been doing for years…..who made the stink? “Cacklin’ Colleen”….that’s right. Who do these firefighters think they are trying to raise funds to provide for equipment and supplies for the fire department, so that the taxpayers don’t have to pay for them via the budget process. “Wrong Way Roger” never had a problem with it when he was running the village budget process. All of a sudden, the firefighters Association is devious? Just another continued attack on the SLFD…..all the more reason they should hook up with the Salem Fire & Rescue Department. Sure glad Attorney Gray “clarified” that issue for us.

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    How incredibly ironic….Colleen, Roger, Sue, Al, et all DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY of the firefighters association funds raised, Attorney Gray asserts the village has a right to know what that money is going to be used for, but Silver Lake Rescue Squad..and their MOUNTAIN OF CASH ($400,000 +?) does not have to account for one dime of that money to the village. Why? They are not a village entity, they are not village employees. Yah can’t have it both ways folks. Well, maybe you can.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Bernard, or shall I say Former President Jeff Albrecht, the only person doing any “mud slinging” around here is YOU! You should be ashamed of the name calling and degradation of people you do in your posts. I am so THANKFUL that you are no longer President and hope come election time, the residents of this village remember that. You are a disgrace to this village. And look what YOU have caused. Bitter turmoil, hurt feelings, conflicts with no resolutions…….

  5. Bernard Punsley says:

    Rhonda…..your tirade reminds me of an old Beach Boys song….”Help Me Rhonda”…it starts out….”well since you put me down”…… doubt I am dishing it out, but I have YET to see anyone, including you, challenge or correct my observations. Have you been to the same meetings I have been to? Have you been reading the same articles in the papers and posts that I have been? Are you seriously going to maintain that I am the only one slinging mud, and I have caused all the bitter turmoil, hurt feelngs,& conflicts with no resolution? Wow! I supposed I kidnapped the Lindbergh baby as well. Rescue has run a downright mean spirit campaign to undermine Fire at every turn. If you haven’t observed that, keep those horse blinders on. And resolution is right around the corner, in case you haven’t been paying attention. I think our board FINALLY saw through the smokescreen that Rescue has been putting up since the formation of the Ad Hoc Committee. The citizens have had just about enough of rescue tantrums as well. Don’t know who YOU are talking to….but I still have PLENTY of contacts in our village. Take your whining and snivelling over to the Salem Town Board meetings from now on….,we’ve heard it all here. Merge Salem Fire & Rescue with Silver Lake Fire Department. I shall continue to monitor the pulse of our fine village, to the chagrin of many. “Help Me Rhonda”. I remain…Bernard

  6. The laugher says:

    Bernard, and all the other commenters on anything to do with Silver Lake, crack me up. Silver Lake is going down the tubes, and unfortunately, NO ONE can fix it! PERIOD! The taxes are outrageous and the services provided are a joke. Drive around…take a look at how many “for sale” signs there are. You think they’re all leaving because they love Silver Lake? No. Most are leaving because their property taxes are more than their mortgages! Get it through your heads!

  7. Ralph says:

    Laugher: Try ;living in the woodland meadows sub division, the taxes are crazy, but we can also thank those school board members at Wilmot high for over spending on that last addition. The only village service that we see are the police dept. they at least drive by several times a day!

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