Search warrant execution in Twin Lakes uncovers marijuana grow operation

tl-pd-patchPersistence by officers executing a drug search warrant in Twin Lakes Saturday uncovered the beginning of a marijuana growing operation, police said.

From a statement released today by Twin Lakes Police Chief Dale Racer:

On Saturday, September 7, 2013, the Twin Lakes Police Department, with the assistance of the Kenosha County Drug Operations Group (K-DOG), executed a narcotics search warrant on a residence in the 400 block of Waldeck Drive in Twin Lakes, after a month long investigation by officers from the police department. The search warrant netted about 18 ounces of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, scales and approximately $4,000 in U.S. Currency. Officers, not quite satisfied that the basement of the residence was drug free, searched the basement thoroughly, locating a secret passage inside a cabinet that led to the remainder of the basement that had been sealed off. Inside the hidden room was the start of a marijuana growing operation consisting of grow lights, a sophisticated ventilation system and over 50 plastic buckets, each containing potting soil. Three of the plastic buckets contained marijuana plants.”

Twin Lakes Police named two 20-year-old suspects charged in connection with the above. According to online Circuit Court records:

  • Joshua D. Bidne faces felony charges of: Possess w/Intent-THC (<=200 grams),  Manufacture/Deliver THC (<=200g) , Maintain Drug Trafficking Place, Bail Jumping-Felony.
  • Jordan L. Fell faces felony charges of: Possess w/Intent-THC (<=200 grams), Manufacture/Deliver THC, Maintain Drug Trafficking Place.

Note: An earlier version of this story did not include Fell’s name. That was due to a misspelling in the media release that led to us to not being able to find the case in circuit court records. does not publish the names of defendants in felony cases until they have been formally charged.



  1. l yn ette says:

    who cares

  2. mommy says:

    I care! With young kids, I sure don’t want drugs around. Yes, marijuana is a drug, it is not ‘natural’ and is 99.99% of the time laced with added chemicals, like tobacco, which should also be outlawed in my humble opinion.

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