September is National Preparedness Month

Photo by elvis santana via stock.xchng

Photo by elvis santana via stock.xchng

This September marks the 10th annual National Preparedness Month sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency in the US Department of Homeland Security. The goal of this month is to educate the public about how to prepare for emergencies, including natural disasters, mass casualties, biological and chemical threats, radiation emergencies, and terrorist attacks.

The Kenosha County Division of Health encourages residents to prepare for emergencies by performing the following steps:

  • Be informed — Know the hazards and risks in your area. Media such as websites, newspapers, radio, and TV will provide global, national and local information.
  • Make a family emergency plan — Make plans with your family and friends in case you’re not together during an emergency. Discuss how you’ll contact each other, where you’ll meet, and what you’ll do in different situations.
  • Build an emergency supply kit — If disaster strikes your community, you might not have access to food, water, or electricity for some time. By taking time now to prepare emergency water supplies, food supplies and a disaster supplies kit, you can provide for your entire family.
  • Get involved — Look into taking first aid and emergency response training, participating in community exercises, and volunteering to support local first responders.

Preparing for emergencies is important for each and every one of our residents. Emergencies can range from inconvenience to devastation, but there are steps you can take to minimize the impact on you, your family and your business. More information is available at The website provides helpful information to prepare for emergencies including free information, checklists, and guidelines about how to be informed. For more information, please call the Kenosha County Division of Health at (262) 605-6700, (800) 472-8008, or visit


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