Bristol School teachers attend Everyday Math training

bristol-everyday-math-9-2013During Professional Development Days prior to the beginning of the school year, Bristol School teachers spent a day learning about the new and improved Everyday Math Curriculum that is used in the district. Sandra Tauer, a mathematics trainer from Wichita, Kansas came and taught all mathematics teachers how to use the Common Core aligned edition of Everyday Mathematics. She came to teach educators how to implement Everyday Math with integrity to get the strongest results possible. She helped teachers understand how the new edition of Everyday Math is different from previous versions.  Tauer is going to return to the Bristol district in February to help teachers continue to learn about specific components of its technological suite. Bristol has used Everyday Math for many years and the district has consistently had commendable math results.


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  1. Everday Math Sucks says:

    An Everyday Math poem By Janet

    I am happy to do division,
    I will add at any time.
    But ask me to write math poetry,
    And I’ll tell you MATH shouldn’t rhyme.

    I shouldn’t be learning to write riddles,
    I should be learning subtraction.
    I shouldn’t be playing silly games,
    I should be learning about fractions.

    Everyday Math is a big joke.
    Ask any parent and you will see,
    That the district wasted its money
    On a textbook that doesn’t teach me.

    My parents have to hire tutors,
    So I can learn to subtract and add
    Everyday Math is harming all our students
    Any district that doesn’t see this is sad.

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